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Fantasy, Ancient, and Symbolic Fonts

Truetype fonts for MS Windows unless otherwise stated

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Fantasy Fonts

Tengwar-Gandalf Tolkien's Tengwar (Michael S. Elliott)

Three font packages (Tengwar Quenya, Tengwar Sindarin, Tengwar Noldor) Windows TTF and ATM; docs and utilities (Dan Smith)
RSMoroma Tengwar, ttf and afm (Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen)
Tengwar3, 4, 5

3 fonts (Paulo Alberto Otto)
Tengwar cursive (Harri Perälä) -- more info
Tirion Sarati The Sarati of Rúmil (Tolkien, The Book of Lost Tales)
Angerthas Tolkien Runes, Windows and ATM (Bruce Kvam)
Cirth Angerthas Moria (Morten Bek)
Cirth Erebor Six fonts, Windows TTF and ATM; docs and utilities (Dan Smith)
Moon Runes Anglosaxon Runes from the cover of "The Hobbit" (Morten Bek)
Tolkien Dwarf Runes
Espruar - Elvish, Forgotten Realms
Dethek - Dwarven (Joseph DuBois)
Britannian Runes Anglosaxon runes from the Ultima CRPG (Norwick)
Ultima Normal Ultima (Anglosaxon) Runes and Gargoyles' Letters (cf. The Language of the Gargoyles)
Ultima Runes another Ultima font; this font includes numbers and punctuation (Micro Dragon)
RuneQuest Font (Oliver Jovanovic) -- more info
Cthulhu Runes Omega Font Labs
Runes of the Dragon
two fonts
Omega Font Labs

Symbols (Ralf D. Renz)
More DSA-Fonts

Nanduria -- a version of the Theban alphabet
Zhayad -- similar to the Alphabet of the Magi
Alchimistic Symbols
Astrological Symbols (DirkOz)

Historical Rune Fonts

Runes AngloSaxon,
Dwarf (Tolkien),
and Germanic
Windows and ATM (Dan Smith)
Two fonts; TTF and AFM
Elder Futhark Germanic Runes (Curtis Clark)
Elder Futhark
Elder Futhark
Elder Futhark
Gaya Z
Futhark Swedish/Norwegian Runes (Morten Bek)
Gullskoen Nordic Runes, for Mac and Windows
Runar the normal Swedish Viking Age 16-rune Futhark (Per Olof Rizell)
OlofR the short twig runes (Per Olof Rizell)
Rovas Szabvany JB Hungarian Runic Writing
Ice-egg Futhark Runes (Fuzzypeg)
Runestones (Peter Rempel)
Barddas Runes from a Welsh druidic text The Barddas (Fuzzypeg)

Other Historical Fonts

Beth-Luis-Nion Celtic Ogham
(more about Ogham)
Linear B Mycenaean syllabary (Curtis Clark)
Glyph Basic

4 hieroglyphic TrueType fonts of about 800 signs, roughly based on the set presented in A.H. Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar (Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research)
Meroitic Meroitic Hieroglyphic
Nahkt Hieroglyphs
Demotic Meroitic Demotic
Gothic the script of the ancient Goths
Eshmoon Phoenician (Salim G. Khalaf)
Avesta Avestan alphabet, Persian 5th/6th c. (Jan Pieter Kunst) -- Windows TTF and Type 1, including a transliteration font
Persian Cuneiform
Ugaritic Cuneiform
American Indian sample pictographs of certain American Indian tribes (including explanation)
VTMei Ornaments some Chinese signs

Astrological and Occult Symbols

Moon Phases a font to write out the Moon Phases (Curtis Clark)
Astro Astrological symbols
Astrological Astrological/magical symbols (Peter Rempel)
Widget Astrologicalfont in a semi handwriten style (Jason Davies)
GE Zodiac
Stjernetegn Zodiac Woodcuts
Agathodaimon Alchymistic symbols
Alchemy (Kenneth Hirst)
Chemical Symbols
Woolbats a Wiccan/Pagan font (Curtis Clark)
Hermetic astrological and other occult symbols

Magical and Occult Fonts

Enochian a script given in the "Equinox"
(ed. Aleister Crowley) - TTF and AFM
PVEnochian another 'Enochian' alphabet, from Pantheus' Voarchadumia (Fuzzypeg)
Angelic one of the Hebrew-derived magical alphabets that were popular among occultists of the medieval and Renaissance period; also called "Celestial" or "Astral" - TTF and AFM
Angelic/Celestial (Fuzzypeg)
Alphabet of the Genii aka Alphabet of the Celestial Language, Alphabet of the Angels, Celestial Writing. Each symbol in this alphabet relates to a particular genius (Fuzzypeg)
Malachim another Hebrew-derived alphabet, from Bartolozzi's Biblioteca Magna Rabbinica, 1675 (Fuzzypeg)
Theban The Misterious Characters of Letters deliver'd by Honorious; aka "The Witches Alphabet" or "Honorian"; another magical alphabet (Fuzzypeg)
ThebGL another version of the Theban alphabet
Alphabet of the Magi
Alphabet of Daggers a coded alphabet based on the Latin alphabet
Dagger Script (Fuzzypeg)
Masonic Masonic/Rosicrucian
Pecti-Wita Runes A script from the Pecti-Wita magical tradition (Fuzzypeg)
Pictish Swirl Script A variation on an old Pictish form of writing, used by the Pecti-Wita magical tradition (Fuzzypeg)
Voynich Eva Hand A - a script from the Voynich Manuscript
I Ching

Some Dingbats

Crosses a huge collection of crosses
DS Celtic-Border-1 twisted knotwork, chain-mail knotwork; ttf and afm (D.S. Smith)

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