Nitpicks On The EWJ TV Show

Allow me to say this before my ranting gets out of control (as it almost ALWAYS does):

The EWJ TV show*NOT* bad.

It just could have been better.

- And in Jim's voice's case, a *LOT* beter. I would just *love* to get my hands on that hidiot who casted Dan Castellaneta as Jim.

Dan doesn't sound a *thing* like Doug "The Almighty One" TenNapel. Observe:

Doug's Jim Voice

Dan's Jim Voice

Taste the difference?

Now, lemme that I'm NOT AGAINST Dan - for one thing, D.C. is the voice of Homer Simpson.

You can't hate Homer.

Okay, another thing is that Dan C.'s Jim voice sounds too much like Genie in Aladdin: The Series Genie (and vice versa - take the quote "Let's make some magic!!" - both characs said that once before (Jim in EJ ep Hyper Psy-Crow, Genie in an ep I can't remember), and they sound pretty much the same!! I HATE that!!)

It's jsut like what happened when Dan did th' Genie in Return of Jafar. Sure, he *sounded* kinda like Robin "I'm losing to a rug!" Williams, but Dan just couldn't replace him! Only, in this case, D doesn't sound a *thing* like the original, and best, voice.

Jim's Look

Easy thing said. 2-D VIDEO GAME STYLE IS BETTER. - The show animators did good though - putting in that green eye like TenNapel does, although they *did* forget a MAJOR rule in Shiny Bible of Drawing Jim - Jim's chin/lip sticks out to the left or right, even in front views (Bible Fact taken from the book "Behind the Scenes at Sega").

The Queen's voice

Oh MAN I can't *STAND* her voice!! Eegh! Gives me the willies (no, not the Willie Trombones) just thinking about it!.....Specially that dumb laugh!! Gall she doesn't sound like a villain!! She just sounds DUMB!! Well, I guess incompetent voice for an incompetent villain....(Note to the WHN fans...Before you get all confused and start calling me a hypocrite
and begin writing reflex flame-emails, I'm should point out that I'm a fan/believer of the AAU Queen - what *I* thought of her after playing the game.....TV Show-wise, for The Princess's supposed 'warrior-woman' character, Soucie does a pretty good job of WHN's voice. Thank you.)

Also, sadly, the Queen's dialogue isn't too spectacular either. A few good 'brutal villain' quotes, but none that are real LOLers. The best quotes of hers were the loudspeaker announcement in Assault and Battery, the "Evil Lacky" quote in Ooze. The best eps of her overall were Exile of Lucy and For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls.

Here, I will also list a complaint made by my friend, the Flapper

"The main thing about the Queen that I don't like is that she's so
That physical characteristic has never bothered me too much - I've always been a critic about Her Maj's overall look, but not her size.

But Flap has a point. As he's said,

"[in the game] They dedicated an entire level to her butt!"

(Who could forget a part (no pun intended) like that?)

Actually, I've always imagined the Queen as a giant. In my budding artist myself, I've noticed numerous (what I'd call 'errors') in the way the TV-Show artists drew her.

Object of Scrutiny no. 1:

The Eyes have it


Take out your EWJ1 manual. Turn to the Characters' Page. Find the Queen's bio.

See those eyes? HOw there's just a solid-red pupil against a black 'background' (the 'whites' of her eyes)? Good.

Now go watch some EWJ TV Show eps with the Queen in them (A good one with a close up would be Assault and Battery, I believe - the one where she tells the Narrator to shut up after a veryveryclose zoom-in.)

Now, instead of a solid-red dot, they have a red ring filled in with black, ther than the solid red eye (SRE).

Nitpicky? No. Just observant. Don't question me.

Object of Scrutiny no 2:

Dress-top phenomenon.

Once again, get out that EJ1 manual.

Check it out. The Queen's neck is attached to a structure resembling a ribcage. Now lookit the EWJ TV show version.

What kinda crap is this?! Don't you just hate it?! IMO, this is WAY too feminine. Her Maj's is more of a monster than a monarch. And this is just *wrong*!

If you lack an EWJ1/2 instruction manual, my pics are fairly-good ref materials for Her Maj's eyes/chest cavity, (although they're not exact).

EVIL The Cat

One again, the two things that bother me the most about ETC are his look and voice. They also need to re-do his 'tude. As Flapper once said,

"I imagined him as being a deliberate  a--hole."

I myself imagined him as an annoyer - someone who'll harrass you frequently, just to see you turn to him and go "SHUT UP, OKAY?!"

And even then, he STILL WON'T LET UP!!

His bio really speaks for himself, I think.

Errm...Yes, onto his look They just made EVIL plain ugly! The vid-game vers of him is better! Oh, and his nose - I've seen pics drawn by the crew members - his nose is PINK. Not black. And when he walks upright (something I still have a hard time coping with), he looks chubby.

His voice....Ah, yes......Well, again, 'my' version has an annoy-er personality, so I 'gave' him an annoyer voice - a nasalish one, easily compared to that of Fran Drescher's, or even Urkel's.

Now, really, his voice is....Well, it's fine with his current 'obsessive' personality (someone on Usenet once said that Ed Hibbert [ETC's TV voice]'s voice had a natural 'purr' and 'hiss' to it.....) - And I agree with that, but once again, my imagination was screaming....."No! EVIL's not REALLY evil! He's just annoying!!"

And he is.


My rants here are mostly about his voice - I don't have *too* many complaints on his look....

His voice

While I've always envisioned Crow as having a male 'Camile the Chameleon' voice, with a hoarse tone and hiss to it, I would have understood if they changed his voice.....

But this Psy-Crow's voice is *SUCH* a cliche!! It's been USED already!! And he's *such* a unique villain (Name *ONE* trigger-happy villain who's ever been distracted by the world's Largest Ball of Tinfoil! Ha! See there?!), they shoulda given him a dif voice to go along with it, too!

But Nnnooooooooo! They had to make Cummings do his 'Fryer Chuck' voice...With that oh-so-common thug (New York, is it?) accent! DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB VOICECASTERS!!! STUPID FWACATTLE VOICECASTERS!! YOU DON'T GIVE A VILLAIN LIKE PSY-CROW A MEDIOCRE VOICE!!

The Look

Errm...Not too many complaints here - PC *is* a real unique character (he's like Klogg - he's too "different" to be copied *exactly*), but....Well, they did a pretty good job of him (altho the feet bother me...But that's IMHBPO [In My Humble But Picky Opinion], of course...)

Princess What's Her Name

I suggest some of you leave now. This could get pretty nasty.


The TV Show style is *really* different from the original, good ol' Vid-Game style. The animators did an 'OK' job on her, but.........Well, the Shiny GUYS DID BETTER!!

What's her PERSONA??

In A(S)ian short-speech, 'persona' would equal 'personality'.....As in the above picture, What's Her Name was drawn looking like a clique-y, Valley-Girl bappant airhead.

Now in the TV show, she's a warrior woman - completely OPPOSITE of the ORIGINAL version!! I mean, COME ON! What kinda CRAP is that?! She's a ditz and now THIS??!

That's SOME consistancy error!!

To be Continued........