Athena's Favorite Earthworm Jim TV Epsiodes of ALL TIME

All of the Earthworm Jim episodes have had their own unique plotlines and jokes.

However, some episodes have been *so* funny - even by Jim standards - that they need to be recognized.

My favorite episodes that I reccomend are........

Assault and Battery

Plot: In this ep, the battery in Jim's suit runs out while the Queen attacks Terlocke (Jim's sleepy hometown), rendering our Hero helpless..

Funny Things: The was the episode that introduced the EWJ series' running gag between Peter Puppy and haggis. This ep also contained a couple Wonder Years references.

Athena's Opinion: It may not be the absolute funniest of the EWJ eps, but it's always been my favorite.

The Wizard of Ooze

Plot: In this ep, Jim and Peter are transported to another dimension by a weapon the Queen recieved for her birthday (from the Professor). An interesting note about this ep is that it begins in black and white (just like the original 'Oz' movie) and moves on to color when in the other dimension.

It ends up that in this alternate realm, no one is who they normally are. Princess What's Her Name is now Gilda, the Good Witch of the Northwest, while her sister (the Queen) is known as the Wicked Queen of the Southwest, and other-world Jim is "a real big-shot!" - the Wizard of Ooze himself!

(Why the Wizard of Ooze? Well, you see, he has the excess worm-slime problem......)

My Opinion: The mixture of bizarre EWJ humor and Wizard of Oz parody really made this ep fun to watch.


The absolute, most bizarre Jim show ever shown. I loved it.

Plot: Jim decides (after viewing a postcard sent by Peter Puppy's uncle) to go on a road trip in search of the legendary Fur Bearin' Trout (whose picture was on the postcard).

At the same time, on Insectica, the Queen recieves a machine from Professor Monkey-For-A-Head that *could* technically destroy the Universe, if it had the correct power source......Fish hair - the only source of which is the Fur Bearin' Trout.

After hearing this, the Queen, (truly living the X-File motto "Trust No One"), decides to go serach for this trout herself, eventually meeting up with our heroes.

Funny Stuff: This episode - to me - is the 'purebred' of all the EWJ eps, since it barely contains any movie or TV show parodies (Although there was one scene taken straight from 'Star Wars'). Also, there was that Psy-Crow......Cameo, shall I say?

Y'know, after watching this 'sode, you have to wonder about your own twisted sense of humor.

Think about it.

You're watching a cartoon show with a giant worm and a bipedal talking dog searching for a giant, fur-bearin' trout who sounds vaguely like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

And you're enjoying it.

For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls

Info: The Christmas EWJ ep is full of jokes and zaniness galore!! And a crude Rush Limbaugh ref!!

Plot: When the Queen tries to make Santa evil, Jim takes it upon himself to save Saint Nick, (with the help of Pete and Princess What's Her Name).

Funny Stuff: The Queen really had her day in this ep - her Majesty never had better lines since "Exile of Lucy". Special Feature: The Arch-Bug of Insectica makes his second appearance in the EWJ series since premiering on EWJ ep "Queen What's Her Name". (Whoo hoo! Go Archie!)

There's no doubt in my mind - "For Whom the JBT" is a classic holiday program destined to rival.......Well, it was a good one (What were you expecting? A mentioning of the classic Christmas special, "It's A Wonderful Life"? You've gotta be kidding!)

Opposites Attack!

Plot: In this show, Evil Jim (Good Jim's evil twin, first intro'd in EJ ep "the Conqueror Worm") mail-orders an "exact opposite duplicate" raygun in order to create a universe full of evil twins so he can have a whole bunch of friends to compare notes on evil twinning with.

Of course, Evil Jim starts with his Good Jim's pals, namely, P. What's Her Name, and Peter. (But why not Walter? After all, he *was* in the restaurant during the attack....)

My Opinions: Now, normally, I don't like Evil Jim as a villain, mainly since the 'evil twin' plot has been rehashed to Heck and back.

However, the concept of an "evil raquetball partner" fascinates me. The best part of the show was near the end, where Evil Jim takes his wep to the Fraternal Order of Space Villains, where misfires and hits the villains, causing GOOD twins, such as

Simply Summarized: See this ep.


If you plan on getting a friend and/or parent addicted to the show, showing them one of these episodes (or 'Exile of Lucy') willl most likely make them an EWJ addict for good.

Quotes from some of these episodes are now available.



The Exile of Lucy

The reason I haven't put this on my 'reccommended' list is because I only saw it once, and thus, not able to 'rate' it correctly.

In fact, I think this 'sode was only aired once. (and wouldn't you know it my tape ran out before the first commercial break. DARN the luck DARN!!)

I mean, can you BELIEVE that??! "Trout!" aired 3 times before I finally saw (and recorded) the entire thing. DARNITDARNITDARNIT!!!

Anyway, I don't remember too much of this ep, but the parts I *do* remember, they were LOL funny. ("Aw! We've been saved by girls!")

I would try to reenact one of the funniest scenes in the show, only I can't describe it thatwell. All I can tell you is that it was the part where Jim and Peter are in their jail cell, when the Queen breaks down the door. This causes Jim and Pete to shout in triumph ("WE'RE SAVED!!"). *Then* they see their rescuer. ("WE'RE DOOMED!!")

Also, "Exile" was the ep where Mrs. Bleverage became Queenie's bestest best friend and got herself a place on the Insectican throne, although this was never continued....

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