Little-Known Facts and Other Stuff from the EWJ TV Show

This is just a collection of things I've noticed from the EWJ TV Show. And if you have a better title for this page (or anything to contribute), please EMAIL ME


So, how many references to the word 'suckage' have there been on Earthworm Jim?

A: I've counted 2 references.

In EWJ ep Trout!, Psy-Crow, after being defeated, mumbles under his breath, "Maximum suckage."

In EJ ep The Wizard of Ooze, the Queen (riding on a vacuum cleaner) tells Jim to prepare for "Suckage most foul!"

Recently, an email sent by Damien Q. confirmed my suspicions that there was a 'suckage' quote in The Eggbeater. I'll quote directly from the text:

When EJ and co. go to the Professor's place, old simian skull attacks them with a vampirish vacuum-cleaner, which goes for Mrs. B.

Jim pulls the vacuum off, saying,

"Looks like your incredibly fakey wig has clogged its mechanism, saving you from suckage most foul!"

Thanks, Damien!

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So, did Jim *really* hand-knit those antennae warmers that he gave Princess What's Her Name for Christmas?

A: Yes! He did! In the opening scene EWJ ep "Opposites Attack" (after the 'Outtake' of Jim and Evil Jim), Jim is sitting down, in a chair knitting something pink......

"Antennae warmers," he grins to the audience.

Quickly Watson!
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What are David Perry's favorite episodes?

A: According to the President of Shiny Entertainment himself, his favorite eps were the Eggbeater and the Book of Doom.

Also, his favorite character is Peter, although he thinks that the Shiny version looks better. (And I have to agree with him on that one!)

Added June 27th, 1997

Recently, there was a newsbit posted on the Freakazoid/Earthworm Jim Memorial. Here's what it said:

***When Asked, "Do you like the way the Earthworm Jim Show is going?" Dan Perry of Shiny Entertainment replied...***

For me? No. But the fans like it, so I'm not going to criticize it. I'm more an action guy, wanting a hero, but EWJ is used more as entertainment than action. I wanted to feel that Jim was a hero."

I was curious by the last part, so I emailed Dave (can I call you Dave?) about it.

I asked: "What do you mean by "wanting to be more of a hero?"

The Prez replied:

"In too many episodes, Peter is the real hero."

(Athena's note: I'm afraid I would have to agree with that....) Along with this, the Prez also stated the **reason** why The Eggbeater was one of his favorite eps. The reason is......(drumroll, please)

"....Because Jim really kicked some butt [in that one]."

Addendum: At the end of the letter Dave asked me if I had been keeping tack of EWJ3 - as if he had to ask!

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Boy! Some of those voices they use in EWJ sound hauntingly familiar.....

A: Yes. Alot of them are, aren't they?

You probably best know Dan Castellaneta (that would be Jim) as Homer Simpson, or the Genie on "Aladdin: the Series". (Personally, though, I don't think they should've allowed him to do Jim's voice. He insults the Almighty TenNapel.)

Edward Hibbert (AKA EVIL The Cat) has been known to appear in an occasional role on 'Frasier'.

The best 'Frasier' to look for him in is the one show wherein Frasier "directs an old-fashioned radio drama" - THAT 'sode was a RIOT!

In fact, in some parts you halfway expect Ed to exclaim, "A minor setback!" and call for his henchrat!

Charlie Adler (Professor Monkey-For-A-Head), well, he's really popular in the business.Trust me. Here are just a *few* voices he does...

If you know of any more voices Charlie has done, DO NOTLet me know!! If I had known that he had done SO MANY voices, I wouldn't have even ASKED in the first place!! So QUIT SENDING ME C. ADLER'S ROLES, OKAY??? JUST GET OFF MY BACK, MAN!! Thank you.

Katie Soucie is the warrior-woman (ha!) Princess What's Her Name. She's also done Lola Bunnie, in Space Jam (although I personally liked the Nerdlucks better), little Sneezer from Tiny Toon Adventures. I'm sure there's more, but frankly I don't care for the TV show What's Her Name very much. Feel free to flame me. See if I care. :P

Jeff (Glen) Bennett is Peter Puppy's glorious voice. This was, IMO, the only voice they perfectly casted (except for Walter). JGB is also the EWJ narrator.

Jeff was Baloney the Dinosaur (Aaah! The Lumpy Thing!) in the Animaniacs episode Baloney and Friends, the best parody of that big fat purple monstrosity yet!

Jeff's other voice credits (to my knowledge):

.....And tons of others that aren't coming to mind right now.

Jim Cummings (Psy-Crow and Bob) is like Jeff Bennet, only JC's been around longer. Here are a few of his voices:

The more complete repretoires(sp?) of these and other the other talented voice actors are found Right Here, along with alot of other things about the show. Go see it! It's chock full of info and vitamin C.

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Hey.....What happened to Mrs. Bleverage in "For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls"?

A: You know what? I'm not sure.

Mrs. Bleverage (whose first name we later learn to be Ethel) was first introduced in the EWJ ep the Eggbeater.

She later shows up in the ep Exile of Lucy, and ("Gasp of horror!"), at the end of the show, decides that she'll stay with the Queen, who by that time is now Miz B's best friend.

Ethel briefly appears in the ep Hyper Psy-Crow, commenting on the Queen's nice use of words in describing Psy-Crow's fate if he doesn't get her Jim's suit. ("I'll chop you into pieces so small you could fit 'em through a screen door!")

Ethel B. was also casted as the "Wicked Bleverage of the South-West!" in The Wizard of Ooze. (the Queen: "Alright!! Who dropped the house on my best friend??")

And then, suddenly, in For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls, Ethel *disappears*. Without a trace. No 'Unsolved Mystery' case for her or anything.

I should think that if they carry the Ethel/Queen through.....what? 3 eps, they'd oughta at least mention her in this one!

Does this mean that Miz B has been dropped?

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Were there any sight-gags in the EWJ TV Show? If so, name some.

A: In My Opinion, EWJ rivals Freakazoid! in the area of sight gags. Here's just a few gags that I've sighted:

EWJ ep A Lounge Day's Journey into Evening: In the outtake (bumper....Whatever!), Jim and Peter are thrown to the Great Sturgeon. Floating in the foreground (before they hit the water) is a bottle-note, which reads,

"Phone Home, Phone Home - Geppeto"

During one scene in The Wizard of Ooze, the Professor and the Tin Reaper are playing chess. However, rather than having normal chess pieces, the different types of pieces are represented by different EWJ Characters. Here's what I found:

Am I a dedicated fan or WHAT?

After the Professor has been sent to the Mall of the Dead by the Tin Reaper (EWJ ep the Wizard of Ooze), he wanders off towards Brain Freeze Frozen Yogurt. (Also note the movies playing in the Cinema, Dead Zone, Dead Man Walking, and Dead takes a Holiday.)

In EWJ ep Sidekicked, Jim saves many-a-princess during his quest to find What's Her Name. (Is it just me, or do all of the princesses that he saves look like the evil spawn of the Queen?). During one quick scene, look closely at the newspaper-dispensers. According to the headlines - the "Rate of Rescued Princesses" has skyrocketed!

In EWJ ep "TROUT!" there's *kind of* a 'Did You Notice' bit..... After Jim and Peter have finished leaving the World's Biggest Scab, the Jim-cycle speeds away - with a bumpersticker on the back claiming

"I break for scabs!

In EWJ ep "Day of the Fish", Jim protects himself from #4 by using his 'Impenetrable Manta Shield'. No creativity used here, folks - the Manta Shield is an actual secret move in EWJ2. (and YES, I know how the move is executed......FINE go ahead and flood me with THOUSANDS of emails asking how to get it......See if I care! :P )


Where can I find a list of some of the funniest things said on Earthworm Jim?

A: Right here!

"This funniest things said..." used to be on this page, but I moved it.

So there. Deal with it.


I remember in one ep the Princess saying something about "taking the throne back" from her sister. Did Princess What's Her Name really get the Insectican throne 'stolen' from her? In other words, is Princess What's Her Name really the rightful ruler of Insectica?


In EWJ ep "Queen What's Her Name" there is a scene in the Princess's flashback wherein you see the two sisters born.

Guess who was hatched first? You're RIGHT! THE QUEEN!!!

*THERE**FORE*, Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-Filled, Malformed, Slug-For-A-Butt is the FAIR-AND-SQUARE RULER OF INSECTICA!! Which means that WHN should look at her flashbacks carefully before she gets her baggies all in a twist.

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Another thing from "Queen What's Her Name" - the Queen goes out to get her horns (antennae - whatever!) bleached. The writers just threw this in for a plot point - right?

A: Well......Kinda. Take another look at that flashback scene - the Queen was actually born with antennae colored "Black as pitch."

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Eat Dirt.............WHAT??? What are the variations on the "Eat Dirt" battle-cry?

A: Lucky for you, my confused chum, I have been compiling a partial list of Jim's "Eat Dirt!" variations. Here they are!

EAT DIRT......

Of course, this is just the beginning.....E-Mail Me if you remember some of the other 'Eat Dirt' variations......And if you know the ep the quote came from, please be sure to tell me that, too.

A Special thanks to Courtney for providing me with most of the Eat Dirt variations found here! You have a groovy day now too, y'hear? Also, to Chris Darling, the deranged, Britsh fan he is! (waves to Msbuzzkill)

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....And the variations on the "Doomed" quote?

A: Here they are:

Doomed, I tell ya! DOOMED!