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          EWJ CODES

    I've gotten lots of letters about not having a codes page. Most of them
    have profanity in them, so I laugh and toss them in the garbage.
    But I've finally broken down,and posted the PC codes and the links to
    the rest of the codes. Be glad I'm such a nice person.

    EWJ 1 and 2 SNES, Genesis Codes -- All can be found on the
    Shiny EWJ Code site.

    I've used most of the EWJ 1 PC codes before, and the ones I
    haven't used, I took from the Shiny site, so they should work.

    EWJ 1 PC Codes --
    For funny Jim-faces, type one of these words 
    while the game is running:  Pulsating, Bloated, 
    Festering, Sweaty, Malformed, Slugforabutt.
    For Hatman, type HATMAN
    Need ammo?  popquizhotshot
    Need Mega Plasma Blaster ammo?  justwhatyouseepal
    Free all levels:  getthecheesetosickbay
    Boost up your energy:  threemileisland
    Free lives (repeat as often as needed.):  itsawonderful
    Need continues?  onandonandon