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I think the title explains it all. Here's a collection of EWJ news and rumors I have gathered. News and Rumors are labeled, respectively. I've thrown out my old EWJ3D rumors/links (well, except for my one, early opinion on the game), since it's pretty much confirmed now, that EJ3D's nearly done...

New: EWJ3D news...

NEW! During my visit to Shiny Entertainment, I was lucky enough to have seen the "James Bond" parody intro-video for EWJ 3D. Also, I was fortunate to view a "progress video" for the game that came over from England. The 2D sketches of the characs looked *good*, but I'm afraid that the hedgehogs are the best 3D characs. (I personally, TRULY think, from the bottom of my chocolate-monkey lovin' soul, that they should have made EWJ3 a HUUUUUUGE 2-Dimensional game. 3D rendered just doesn't look GOOD with Jimmy, I'm SoRRY!)

Anyways....Prof. Monkey-For-A-Head'll be there (innnntersting animations, if I do say so myself...), along with a big, mean cow, and a bunch of other moving things. Stay tuned.....

NEWSBIT: Thanks to BEN, possibly the closest living thing to Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery other than Mike Myers himself, I have found out a fact I wasn't even VAGUELY aware of:


And if you're wondering why I didn't believe him the first few times I asked, feel free to email me and ask.

And Ben, I am soso**SO** sorry I didn't believe you. Still friends?

NEWSBIT: Willie Trombone caught eating a Chip Butty sandwich on the set of SkullMonkeys, the new Neverhood game!!

You can see the picture after the page loads.

NEWSBIT: EWJ is now airing in Germany! The old eps, tho. Nothing new. And if you think the *American* voices are bad, check this zip of the German versions! (in Zip File). A big Neverhoodian 'Thank you' to Meike Thomas for recording these for me! She strung cables all OVER her house just to record these!


Doug TenNapel's movie, MOTHMAN, is apparently COMPLETED! Way-to-go, Doug! Find some info on it On this Movie Page! I'd tell ya what it's about, but I don't know either! Guess we'll have to keep a lookout for, eh?

News??: The Mothman movie website is open. :)

NEW! NEWS Arrrgh! I can't believe it!! Slomoto reported this to me, and he gave me THIS article.

Apparently, VIS-PLC Interactive quit making EWJ 3D in its early stages, and Interplay has stated a delay with the game. EWJ3D will not be completed by Take 2 interactive.

Man, the things we fans go through!! Delays, delays, deLAYS!!!

Of course, this is just one article...If anyone knows anything else, please Contact Me!

Do YOU have any News or Rumors to contribute?


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