Just a little about me.

My name's Rob and I am a 21 year old Computer Science Graduate working in a Large Insurance Firm as a PC Support Engineer. I have created a number of intranet pages for a LAN that I set up with some college mates, but this is my first venture into getting a page out to the world. Unfortunately I am stuck in the UK so it feels as if I am a world away from the real quake scene.

I would like to thank the following :

Geocities for hosting the page, I would dearly love to have the time and money to support a specific domain name site but alas it is not to be.

Donna Price for putting up with my late nights and bad moods while I spent all my spare time getting together as many Quake related files as I could. I am sure she would be happy to never hear the word Quake again.

Rich, Phil and Aled for being good deathmatch fodder when we had the network. We never managed to deathmatch Quake properly (except the Qtest which made us upgrade machines), but there were many good DukeMatches.

Smiles for listening to my endless problems. Get back online ASAP. 1