Just a selection of the best Quake files around.

Quake Shareware 1.06

available as a single file download. (8Mb)


or as seven separate files.

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Village of Dread

Village of Dread Pic

This is one of the greatest single player map there is. Basically your objective is to blast through a medieval village, that looks absolutely stunning. When playing this map I could not help but compare it to the screenshots that have been released of Hexen II. This map would definitely not look out of place in Ravens game. Download it Now.

Shadow over Innsmouth.

Shadow Over Innsmouth Pic

The sequel to Village of Dread continues the medieval village theme. Again this would not be out of place as a Hexen II map. Fight your way through the village until you reach the harbor. From here you venture into what could be either an underwater storage bunker or a submerged spacecraft of some kind. This map has just the right mix of action and puzzles with nothing getting in the way of the frantic blasting, as you battle your way to the harbor.

The Forbidden Base.

Forbidden Base Pic

A nice little map this one. Not the largest Quake map around but one of the best designed. This map will not give many people trouble as it is a little easy, but play it deathmatch or with Reaper bots and you have a great map to blast around.



Quake C.



Got no-one to DM with? Just need some DM practice. This is the answer to your problems. The reaperbot has numerous skill levels and is great for a quick blast. Currently at version 0.81, the reaperbot has one one the best AI systems around.


What can I say about this patch. The airfist gives deathmatches a whole new angle. The airfist basically blows out a powerful rush of air in a concentrated burst. It can be used to knock opponents into lava, to blast health packs etc away from players and can even stop rockets dead. A great tactical weapon if used correctly.

Misc Files.


QuakeWorld Client

Quakeworld is an unsupported release that enables better internet play for deathmatch. Quakeword uses a QSpy interface through Win95 to enable you to log onto a master server. From this master you can select a server to play from. All player data is stored on the master server and used to compile various ranking lists. The only drawback at present is that since the id master went down within hours of going online, you will need to register with each master you visit. This however is not really a problem since QSpy saves all logon data for every master visited. Requires registered Quake.

For UK play log onto the Minos server at: .

For USA play try . .. or .


OpenGL Quake is designed primarily for use with 3Dfx Cards. This is an unsupported release that enables users with these cards to make use of transparent water effects, dynamic shadows and mirrors. BE WARNED. I have tried this on my Verite card with Microsoft's OpenGL drivers for Win95 and the game is unplayable. I got about 1 frame every 15 seconds on a P120 32Mb. This requires the registered version of Quake.


Yet another unsupported release. Finally WinNT users get what they want. I have not seen this running on NT but it runs fine on Win95 with direct X. For full details on Winquake and the WinQuake FAQ take a trip to Redwoods. Requires registered Quake.


A great Quake Map editor. This is my Editor of choice when I dabble with bsp creation. (I am very bad at it). This is the first shareware program I have ever registered. It is a great editor and Ben Morris definitely deserves ya money for this one.

Scitech Display Doctor 5.3

Now with Verite support. Shareware Display Doctor gives you a 21 day trial period after which you need to register. 1