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Friday 7th March 11. 16 p.m GMT

Slacking Again

Well just after saying I will update more regularly my N64 came through, so Mario et all got my attention for all my free hours. Dispite the PAL Borders the N64 rocks, it will be interesting to see what they do with the N64 Quake port. Lets hope it equals the OpenGL port !


Love Thy Neighbour

Go check out one of my fellow Geo-Citizens page. Flak Happy's Quake Page. It's still in it's infancy but definitely worth a look.



Well I'm away this weekend so no updates till Monday. I have been trying to download Blood shareware all night my I seem to be having serious connection problems, so that will now have to wait till Monday as well.


Tuesday 4th March 9. 59 p.m GMT

My Apologies

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past week but "real life" has been getting the better of me. I have just started a new job and I seems to have been working 24hrs a day. Oh well pays the bills I suppose. Hopefully I will get back to regular updates from now on.


Scourge of Armagon

Most of you will probably already know this but the Hipnotic Pack (Scourge of Armagon) has been out for a few days now. The UK saw a release last Thursday. This has been one of the reasons for my lack of updates, I have been playing this every spare moment I get. What can I say about it? IT ROCKS.


Verite Patch

The lastest Verite patch ( is now available from the Rendition Web site. This upgrade will allow the Hipnotic pack to run with VQuake. This patch is a godsend, I spent hours trying to get the hipnotic levels working with vquake. Some worked, some crashed out. Now it is not a problem.



Wednesday 26th Feb 7. 49 p.m GMT

Verite Update

The Windows NT version of the Rendition Verite Chip drivers are now available. This is great news for NT users, they will finally be able to appreciate the wonder's of Verite Quake. You can grab the file from Blues here.


Tuesday 25th Feb 7. 42 a.m GMT

More .plan Updates.

This time it's John Cash who updates his .plan with some views on client side bots.

On the same topic, it appears that the stooge bot is causing an uproar in the Quake community. Now I have never seen one of these in action but if current reports are to be believed then there is a real problem.


WorlCraft Patch

The patch for registered users or Worldcraft is now available. The patch is available for download from the worldcraft homepage. Download it here.


Monday 24th Feb. 8.09 a.m GMT

.Plan Update

Jon Carmack has updated his . plan file with some news on the future of Quake. It appears that Quake, GlQuake & VQuake may well all become one executable. Cool.

Sunday 23rd Feb. 11.53 a.m GMT

New Look Redwood

Well It's not exactly a new look but Redwood has updated his page with new "Files", "Finger", & "Help" sections.


There is a new version of Qfront out This is a great little util, for running all your patches & bindings with ease.

Saturday 22st Feb. 5.22 p.m GMT


Just been browsing and found that ThunderWalker Capture the Flag has just been released. At present it is in Newstuff so when it has a more permanant location It will let you know.

Old Skool

This is not really news but Qtest has been posted back at Anyone who had qtest last year will remember what a joy it was to finally play Quake. I remember downloading this the same day as SW Duke Nukem 3D. It took me weeks to remember to play DN. DM Quake was rife over our network for months. If ya want a slice of History then grab this file now. It also included the dragon which never made it to the final version.

Saturday 22st Feb. 12.26 p.m GMT


Just read on Stomped that Activision have released a press statement reguarding Hipnitic's Quake Adon.

"Los Angeles, CA -- February 21, 1997 -- Continuing the aggressive expansion of its third-party product acquisitions, Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) has acquired the highly sought after publishing rights to Hipnotic Interactive's upcoming PC-based action game. Hipnotic will utilize id Software's legendary QUAKE engine to create a first person, level-based, 3-D action title that Activision expects to ship in early 1998. Under the terms of the agreement, Activision has acquired the rights to all territories excluding Asia, as well as the right to publish upgrades, enhancements, mission packs, console conversions and a potential sequel for the title. The announcement was made today by Bobby Kotick, Chairman and CEO, Activision, Inc."

Single Player Quake

Crash has overhauled his single player Quake site. Take a look, the new design makes it way easier to navigate.

Friday 21st Feb. 7.26 p.m GMT

Blue is back. Word from the man himself is "Host borked my page."

Friday 21st Feb. 5.06 p.m GMT

Check outImpulse 1 for some Info on a UK release date for The Scourge of Armagon. It seems the UK is destined to have the worst deal when it comes to software release.

Friday 21st Feb. 2.29 p.m GMT

There is an updated version of Worldcraft available now (version 1.1a). This fixes some of the bugs in version 1.1. Get the file from theWorldCraft Homepage.

For now I will just mention that Blues Page seems to be down for some reason. I have been trying to access it for about 24 hrs now with no luck. Oh well no doubt there will be loads to catch up on when he finally surfaces again.

Some Older Stuff Worth Mentioning

32 Player QuakeWorld.

John Carmack updated his .plan file with reguards to the new version of QuakeWorld. Released in the near future this update will allow up to 32 players in any map at any time. sCary questioned John on the possibility of 32 players in standard Quake and the response seems to be a resounding no!

QuakeSpy 5.0

QuakeSpy 5.0 is now available. Provides a better interface for QuakeWorld ( in my opinion ) and fixes a number of bugs. Take a trip to Redwoods to grab this file.