Verite Page.

Since I have a Verite Card in my machine and not one of these flash 3dfx card (I knew I should have waited) I thought I would post some info on what is still a pretty amazing card. I have a Creative Labs 3D Blaster and I must admit when I first saw Quake running on it I was blown away. I had heard it would be good but I was still surprised. After you have seen one of these things in action you will never be able to play standard Quake again.


Verite Quake 640 x 480.Standard Quake 640 x 480

One thing not to do with your Verite Card : Try GL Quake.

I did and got a frame rate of about 1 frame every 30 seconds. It is really depressing seeing your 200 card struggle with the intro. I just about managed to see the transparent water on e1m2 but that was about it.

Download the latest version of VQuake.

Download Creative Labs Bios Update.


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