Of The Devils Party

    If anybody is familiar with this saying, then you'll realize that it basically means that you love something even though it's bad. This is why it perfectly fits the discription of if not the best technical wrestler in the business today, Bret "The Hitman" Hart. This guy is definetly the best! For 14 years of his career as a wrestler, he was always protrayed as "the good boy". Hes ALWAYS been the hero, the good guy who gets screwed over. But now, see now the Bret has taken his stand people hate him. AND WHY? He's litterally the man of wrestling. He can do it all, cripple people, get a belt, win matches, ruin matches, and sport that sexy devious smile of his. Bret Hart is just wrestlers to know that HE MEANS BUSINESS, thus the guy fearing him.
    But hey, if bret feels that it is necessary to hit Sting with a baseball bat, or take a chair to Diamond Dallas Page's knee, or beat Lex Luger up with a safety rail, then BRET more power to you, becasue I WILL ALWAYS BE BEHIND YOU 100%.