Welcome to ravens haven, a tribute to THE MAN they call RAVEN. well if you've been here b4 then you'll know that bill_cue are in no way allifilaited with the wwf or thw wcw. so since that is out of the way enjoy. oh and there maybe some pages where... they maybe offensive... you are warned so please no email about 'how stupid hat was to put blah there'. i know!! I FEEL YOUR PAIN! - btw this page is best view with microsoft explorer.. the background is fixed and it is a really cool effect!


I think it's been about a hundred years since i've updated this site. Well thelatest news was that Raven got face pain (oooh face paint) and created a stable with ICP and VAMPIRO. But ofcourse that is OLD news. And now RAV is in the ECW and now one half of the tag team champs with Tommy Dreamer. Ohhh you go RAVEN! Personally I think RAVEN deserved better than the WCW was giving him. He is an excellent wrestler that gets pushed aside all the time. So he did what most people would do. HE LEFT! So what if the ECW doesn't pay him millions of dollars- I'm sure RAVEN actually Scott Levy made his money in the WWF. He want's to wrestle, to be out in the front and not overshadowed by 80 year old wreslters and their 12 year old girlfriends. As he should be put in the front- HE IS THE BEST!

You know I saw my very first ECW event on TNN last friday. It wasn't a "normal" show it was more on the lines of here is what ECW is all about and here are the people involved. I LIKED IT. Personally, if there was one thing i noticed is. These guys risk their bodies everyday doing unbelievable stunts (esp. Mr Monday Night Rob Van Dam), what I noticed was that not one wrestler I saw (opertive word here is I SAW) had a knee braces. Not one. Then you have a wrestler like Stonecold who came into the WWF with one brace and now he had two, one on either legs. I suppose that may tell you about the real person or maybe it may reflect on how these business' run.

For some reason this has strayed away from RAVEN. But what ever he decides- it's never an act of malevilence (sp?).

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