wReStLiNg TrIvIa

1. Summer Slam X, who won the World Wrestling Fed. Belt?
a) Yokozuna
b) Bret Hart
c) Shawn Micheals
d) Razor Ramon

2. Undertaker. Who was his first opponent?
a) Ultimate Warrior
b) Bret Hart
c) Hulk Hogan
d) Just a Jobber

3. Who was the second Undertaker, when it was Taker vs. Taker?
a) Reese
b) Kane
c) The Giant (-200 pounds)
d) Kevin Nash before he was Diesel

4. Who was in the cage match of 1984?
a) Greg Valintine vs. Tito Santana
b) Andre the Giant vs. Big John Stud
c) Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy
d) Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan

5. In 1994 there was a match, Diesel vs. Razor. Who was the victor?
a) Diesel
b) Razor
c) It was a DQ
d) There was a never a match in 1994 between the two

6. It was Marcus Bagwells debut on a ppv against sexy Scotty Flamingo. the victor?
a) Flamingo
b) Bagwell
c) DQ
d) Bagwell didn't face Flamingo.

7. Which popular wrestler called his elbow the 'poka-dot drop'?
a) Dusty Rhodes
b) Honky Tonk Man
c) Tugboat
d) None of the Above

8. Bret Hart held the title for how many days before losing it to Yokozuna?
a) 125
b) 150
c) 175
d) 200
9. King Og the Ring 1993, who won?
a) Bret Hart
b) Owen Hart
c) Bam Bam Bigelow
d) Shawn Michaels

10. The Recent Stuff! World War Three 1998. Who was the victor in feature bout?
a) Sting
b) Bret Hart
c) Dallas "Scum" Page
d) Kevin Nash