This section is about wrestlers who should leave the business while they are ahead. The too old, too annoying, the ones that need new gimmicks etc.. This section is not for the weak at heart, hence meaning we don't want email saying "he shouldn't be there, blah blah blah" No thanks! If you have rude comments, sign the guestbook. For suggestions email us.
The Rock Before you leave, you might wanna get to plastic surgeon and  remove your lips from Vinces cakehole, then grow some balls.
Stone Cold Steve Austin If you leave, he will come
Boss Man Didn't like the nWo spray paint all that much eh!
HBGay A Chris Jericho Wannabee!!!
Mankind He just gets treated badly
Val Venis Fly your Val Boski outta there
Ultimate Warrior I think your warriors died with you in the 80s
Vincent Hey Virgil, still drive Teds car?
Macho Man Man you are soooo OLD! Like the gimmick in the 60s!
Konnan Your so ugly your freaking ooo-gly
Terry Funk Get the "funk" outta there