sth #12 Sonic the Hedgehog #12
Corner Box:  No. 12 July $1.25  Rotor wears a pair of shades as he comments Sonic's playing.
Cover:  Sonic is playing the piano, and Sally is shocked that he played the "Minute Waltz" in seven seconds.

"A Timely Arrival!"
Script:  Michael Gallagher
Pencils & Inks:  Art Mawhinney
Lettering:  Bill Yoshida
Colors:  Barry Grossman
Editor:  Scott Fulop
Managing Editor:  Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief:  Richard Goldwater

Part I:
Sonic returns all of the robot parts to robots he destroyed.  Robotnik is furious, and is upset that Sonic foils his plots time after time.  He decides to build a time machine.  Sonic heads back to Knothole, and Sally turns the TV onto the news.  The swatbot newscaster announces that Robotnik is going to use a giant chainsaw to cut down the Great Forest.  Sonic rushes to Robotnik, who uses his time teleporter to send Sonic back into time.  A pterodactyl picks Sonic up, but he uses his sonic spin to get away . . . and falls toward a dinosaur's mouth.

Part II:
Sonic spins around, slicing the dinosaur's teeth off.  Sonic then runs into his ancestor, Sonugh the Boghog (he hasn't heard of hedges).  Sonugh shows Sonic the landscape, while Ivo Robughnik (Robotnik's ancestor) launches a rock at the two and then celebrates his victory.  The freedom fighters launch a surprise attack.

Sonic and Sonugh dug underground, reaching Sonugh's underground tunnels.  They then meet the freedom fighters, who are afraid to go outside.  Sonic takes Sal-ugh (Sally’s ancestor) to the surface and shows everyone how to plant hedges.  With a flash of light, Sonic is transported back to the present, where the freedom fighters stand with Robotnik's time machine.

"The Bold-Headed Eagle"
Angelo DeCesare
Pencilling:  Art Mawhinney
Inking:  Rich Koslowski

Sonic accidentally falls off of a mountain cliff and lands in an eagle's nest.  An eagle appears, and Sonic apologizes.  The eagle explains that his friends have been turned into robots and he's been hiding for the last few years.  Meanwhile, Snively discovers that there are non-robots in the Mobian Mountains, so Robotnik decides to go there.  Sonic convinces Cyril (the eagle) that he should try flying again.  Cyril tries to fly, but falls off of the cliff instead.  He runs into some members of his flock.  Back on top of the cliff, Sonic is worried about Cyril.  Robotnik quickly comes with his Rambot (a machine with a ram's head) and uses it to push Sonic off of the cliff.  Cyril flies and catches Sonic in the air.  Robotnik screams, causing the cliff to break into two.  Sonic asks Cyril to fly him back to Knothole.

Sonic Art page (and the solution to last issue's maze) - 1 page

"The Lynx is a Jinx!"
Script:  Angelo DeCesare
Pencilling:  Art Mawhinney
Inking:  Rich Koslowski

Swatbots are out catching animals, so the freedom fighters try to rescue them.  Sonic finds a lynx named Larry in a tree.  Larry says he's jinxed, and the tree branch breaks, injuring all of the freedom fighters.  Sally says that Larry is too dangerous to bring to Knothole, so Sonic decides to break Larry's bad luck streak.  As they're looking for a place for Larry to live, Larry discovers that the freedom fighters have been captured.  Sonic decides to use Larry's bad luck, and tells him to walk to the swatbots.  The swatbots try to catch Larry, but they destroy themselves instead.  Sonic catches the control box to set the freedom fighters free, and Robotnik tries to run him over.  Larry steps in front of Sonic, and the steering goes out on Robotnik's machine.  Sonic says that Larry's bad streak is over.  They go to Knothole, where Larry wins 50 games of chess in a row.

Sonic-Gram highlights:
 ~ Scott Fulop is the new editor
 ~ The next issue will have the first appearance of Knuckles
 ~ Antoine is a fox
 ~ Sonic can run at speeds/distances relative to the number of chili dogs he eats

(Summary by Silver Starr)

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