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NewsWednesday 6 October 1999News

Help ?!

I'm working on 3 other sites now and I don't find enough time to update Carmageddon: Millennium so I'm looking for another co-webmaster. So if you're interested, mail me. The sooner we have a new co-webmaster, the sooner we can launch our new site.
Let's go to the real news. We received an e-mail yesterday with some EXCLUSIVE shots for our site. These cars may appear in C:TDR2000. Check it out: 1 and 2. See you in the future...

NewsThursday 16 September 1999News

More Shots + Diary

SCi have updated their site again with 10 more shots. In total there are 12 shots, but 2 of them will probably be added later. They also added a "Serialization Of A Killer" section which is a development diary. They are currently changing some of the stuff like the Eagle (modified) and levels (darker) and that's why it's been delayed til the 2nd Quarter of 2000. This game will be worth the wait. Anyway, you may have noticed that I don't spend a lot of time here anymore... that's because I'm working at 2 wonderful sites, the Midtown Fan Club and the Carmageddon Fan Club. I could use some help so if you think you can help me (need to know HTML) then please contact me. Around December we'll launch the new Carmageddon: TDR2000 site. So keep visiting us so we can continue with the new design.

NewsSaturday 11 September 1999News

New Shots

SCi has got some new screenshots for us. It are 6 screenshots and I must say, they look very good. If you look at some of the screenshots, then you can see the APC and HotRod. It also seems that your driver can be hurt this time, check it out in the upper right corner. Shots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Enjoy !

NewsThursday 9 September 1999News


Sorry for not updating this long. At the moment we are very busy with a new design which should be released in the future. Anyway, we're looking for new members. We need people who are experienced with HTML, graphic designing or other things that are useful in the Carmageddon scene. Do you want to help us creating a better site ? Then drop me a mail so we can start completing the new site.

NewsMonday 6 September 1999News

New Movie

SCi has released a new movie for Carmageddon: The Deathrace 2000 and it can be found on their site,

NewsSaturday 4 September 1999News

SCi's Website

The new site from SCi is finally up. It will officially be launched on Monday, but most of the stuff is already up. I love it, check it out. The site also has some new shots for us and more info about the upcoming games. Here's an example of a new shot. But don't forget to check the release date too; it still says 2nd Quarter of 2000....

It seems that the new shots are no in-game shots. This was said by Raldwin, webmaster from SCi's website. Anyway, I still think this game looks fabulous. He also said that some new shots will be released this week or next week.
I also brought you the package for C:TDR2K. Here it is.

NewsMonday 23 August 1999News

Blood Confirmed

Yep, SCi has confirmed that 3 pedestrians are created; zombies, aliens AND pedestrians. So we don't have to worry about not getting a blood version. Or you have to live in Italy, Germany or one from the other few countries then you might get a zombie or alien version. More news later.

NewsSunday 22 August 1999News


I was thinking: maybe, just maybe the game is delayed so that Torus Games could create a pedestrian version for the game. I'm not sure about this, but it's possible. SCi hasn't replied to our questions yet, so the only thing we can do is hope and wait...

NewsSaturday 21 August 1999News


It seems that Carmageddon: The Deathrace 2000 will be delayed. The new release date will be in the 2nd quarter of 2000 :(. Also, nothing about a blood version has been confirmed but we asked SCi and we hope we get some answers real soon. We also hope to have some other information about the game too.
From now on I will also be working at the Carmageddon Fan Club. Carmageddon: Millennium will still be updated with the latest C:TDR2K information. And when the game is released, we'll have a brand new design with all sections opened.

NewsFriday 20 August 1999News

No Blood ?

The CFC posted some news about an interview with Torus Games. It also had a question about the versions (robots, aliens, zombies, humans). It said that there will be an alien and zombies version, but does that mean that there won't be any blood ? I sure don't hope so, so we asked Sales Curve Interactive for more info. We hope we can give you more information later. Also, we might change the design when the game is officially released. More sections will be available then, including an Internet/Multiplayer section.

NewsThursday 19 August 1999News

New Shots !!

We got some new Carmageddon shots for you. To be exact, 5 screenshots were added. Check 'em out in the Screenshots section. It looks perfect ! The screenshots were taken from Driven To Destruction. More information later.

NewsTuesday 17 August 1999News


It takes sooooo looonnnggg before we get some new Carmageddon news. We'll try to contact SCi again and let's hope that they have some new shots for us. Some news would also be great :) In the meantime, keep visiting and voting in our Monthly Poll.

NewsThursday 12 August 1999News

Short News

Again, sorry for not updating this long. We are still waiting for some new news and screenshots and we hope we'll receive some this week. But we do know that you will be able to create new cars in C:TDR2K just like Carmageddon 2.

NewsSunday 8 August 1999News


Sorry we haven't updated before but we were very busy. We got some new answers to our questions and we will post them today or tomorrow. Also, we will ask for some new information tomorrow. When we got some news, we'll post it here, immediately. More information later today.

NewsThursday 5 August 1999News

Exclusive !

We received an e-mail from SCi a few days ago and we asked them some questions about the new Carmageddon game, Carmageddon: The Deathrace 2000. Here is what they told us:

When will the demo be released ?
The demo is estimated for around mid November.

Will pedestrians drive in cars ? What weapons will they use ?
The pedestrians will be on foot and have no weapons. They will punch and kick your car as well as gather together and try to push your car over a cliff etc.

Can you tell us more about the graphics and status of the game ?
Not yet. The spec is still TBC. However the developers are now finishing the levels and adding some cool special effects.

Will the APC return ?
More police than ever.

We hope to get more information very soon.

NewsMonday 2 August 1999News

New Press Releases

SCi mailed us today and they sent us 2 new press releases and some screenshots. The press releases can be found in the Facts section. There were 2 same screenshots in the Screenshots section so I replaced it with a new one and I also added one from SCi. Some of the screenshots may look blurry, but click on them for some good quality screenshots. And don't forget to vote at our Monthly Poll section. Keep coming for more news.

NewsSunday 1 August 1999News

Screenshots & Files Updated

Today we added 3 'new' screenshots to the Screenshots section. They aren't new actually but newer screenshots aren't released yet. We hope we get some new ones next week. Also, we updated the Files section with an extra file, the Carmageddon: The Deathrace 2000 Beta Movie. Check it out ! Tomorrow the people from SCi will be back so we ask them for more news and screenshots. Visit us tomorrow for more information about this !

NewsSaturday 31 July 1999News

SCi Gone ?

I mailed some people from SCi yesterday but a few hours later I received an e-mail back from one of them. Some of the SCi guys were gone, but they told me they would be back on Monday. I will mail them as soon as they get back, so please be patient. Also, don't forget to vote in our Monthly Poll. Tomorrow I will add some new screenshots, too.

NewsFriday 30 July 1999News

Old News

Let's start with the news. It's some pretty old news but we will mail SCi today for real news. Gamespot UK had an interview with the Torus Games team. Check it out here. You will also find a new screenshot there, from the APC. It looks pretty cool but it's a design. Also, SCi is planning to release Carmageddon: The Deathrace 2000 on November 22, worldwide. About 3 weeks ago SCi announced the classic cars that will be used for C:TDR2K. From Carmageddon: Electric Blue, Tow Meister, Vlad MK. 1, The Suppressor and King Merc. From Carmageddon 2: Eagle 3, Twister MK.2, Pirahna, Semi MK.2 and the Harvester. This is it for today. See you later.

NewsThursday 29 July 1999News


We had some problems with our other site and we had to move. Sorry for all this, but as you can see we re-opened the site and changed the design. Also, we didn't have the chance to post all of the news on the other site so expect some old news here soon. From now on we will only give you Carmageddon: The Deathrace 2000 and Carmageddon Online information. See you tomorrow.