The music u're listening to now is the theme song of my FAV. anime... Aa..Megami-sama!

I've drawn a manga of myself....Wanna see?

Hello!:-) Welcome to my homepage. I've been at this for so long and have at last made my homepage to be even more presentable now.Well, if you're looking for a page with a lot of links, then you may be disappointed, 'cos this page is more or less a personal forum for me on which to share with others who may be concerned ( hehehe...and i know many are..), my views and insights into my favourite Manga, Anime and PC-games and also my own Manga creations. Here, you can also find updates on my personal life, and much more, so sit back, relax and enjoy....anyway, my page is updated every week, so come back often!:-))

First, 'bout myself..

         HI!:-))..Whoever you may be!:-)) Of course I'll start off my page with 
    a forum on myself.:-)Here, you'll find everything related to me under the sun..
    mangas of myself and updates on the new things in my life. Wanna know how i look
    like?..just refer to the Manga i've drawn of myself above!:-))

              Not enough of me?...more data...
                             Wanna read 'bout my DreamGirl?.....

At Last I've gotten down to work on the section regarding my all time favourite Anime cum Manga... Aa Megami sama! Here u'll find my views and lotsa other things about this all time hit that u'll ever wanna know.Check back soon!:-))

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