Space Explorers

                Captain Keith Weston

Leader of the Voltron Force, Keith is cool in battle.  Rumored to have a crush on the princess of Planet Arus, he's always trying to stay a step ahead of his matchmaking friends.

          Commander Sven Erikson

Second in command of the Voltron Force, Sven is devoted to protecting Planet Arus from King Zarkon and Planet Doom.  He is a team player and also a good leader when the occasion arises.  He cares deeply about his friends and seems to have even deeper feelings towards Devana though he's done nothing about it....yet.

 Lieutenant-Commander Lance Powers

Lance is the comedian of the group though his teammates don't always appreciate his humor.  Also the daredevil of the Voltron Force, he's very likely to pull a risky stunt during training or even in battle. Fortunately, his stunts pay off.

Lieutenant Devana Gravas  (no picture available)

Fresh out of the Academy Devana is the newcomer to the group, everyone else having worked together before going to Arus.  As backup pilot she's the only one that's flown every lion (all of which she flies very well).  She has feelings towards Sven but is unaware that he feels the same for her.

    Lieutenant Harold "Hunk" Johnson

Pilot of the Yellow Lion, Hunk (don't you dare call him Harold) is known mainly for his large appetite.  He's best friends with Pidge, looking at the youngest member of the team as a little brother.  Unofficial team mechanic, if something goes wrong with one of the lions he'll start working on it with the repair crew.

       Ensign Peter "Pidge" Donovan

Youngest member of the team, he got to be the pilot of green lion for one simple reason...he was closer to the key than Devana. Besides being best friends with Hunk he's also a close friend to the mice of the castle and has been guilty of sneaking cheese out of Nanny's pantry for them on more than one occasion.  His brother Chip is part of Project Explorer and a member of the Vehicle Voltron Force.

        Let's Go Voltron Force!