Tales of the Force

Stories posted here are ongoing unless otherwised noted. Any new or updated stories are marked as such. Cries in the Night is the prologue and takes place in the past. Kieth, Sven, Lance, ect... do not appear in it but the story is essential to the overall tale of Mission Arus. Comments, questions, and whatever else you may have to say about the stories goes to me.

Cries in the Night: Chapter 1- War BrideI wasn't happy with the last prologue I started so I've replaced it. Trust me...this one will fit in much better.
First MeetingFresh out of the Academy, Lieutenant Devana Gravas receives her first assignment.
CaptureThe space explorers make it to Arus only to be caught by Yurak...but does he have all of them?
Christmas on ArusThe Voltron Force has decided to bring Christmas to the Castle. Devana finds love but something may make her leave Arus...and the Galaxy Alliance.

Prelude to a Fan Fictotally unrelated to the other stories...see what happens when I get bored. ;-)

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