Things You Never Want To Hear A Fan Fic Author Say

1. Pidge is really a girl....
2. Lance and Cossack are long-lost brothers....
3. Sven has a thing for Haggar....
4. the Pink Ranger is Allura's little sister....
5. Voltron defeated the last Robeast they fought because Hunk passed gas and it was choking...(I know, that's really wrong!!!)
6. Lotor's really attracted to Koran and uses Allura as a cover-up.
7. Keith has dandruff.
8. Nanny has a second job as a swimsuit model.
9. Koran is a druggie.
10. Zarkon was voted most attractive king.
11. If Haggar touches you you will look like her.
12. Merla was in love with Yurak.
13. Voltron was purchased by King Alfor from a used robot lot...
14. "Gee, I think I'll do a Voltron/Pound Puppies crossover!"
15. "Hmmm..let's put ah...Hagar and Keith together.."
16. "Heheheehe..I'll just won't FINISH that cliffhanger chapter!"
17. "Ah..story? What story?"
18. "My computer crashed! Agh! I LOST my stories!"

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