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Here, you will find Cheats, Links, and other Info. Once you're done, drop me a line and tell me what you think. BTW, sorry about the lack of graphics, but I wanted to make this page load a little faster.

Cheat Codes

(Reminder: You must go to the console to type any of these codes in. Go to the console by hitting the ~ / ` key next to the number 1 key)

god                       God mode/Invulnerable

impulse 9              Get full ammo and all guns

impulse 255          Quad Damage Powerup!

fly                         Fly Mode. Press jump to jump really high!

noclip                    No clipping mode/Walk through walls. (hint: press "D" or "C"                              to go through the ceiling or under the floor!)

For the following, replace the # sign with a number

Give #                   Gives that Gun number

Give s #                Gives that amount of shells

Give n #                Gives that amount of nails

Give m #               Gives that number of Grenades/Rockets

Give c #                Gives that number of cells (for Thunderbolt Gun)

Give h #                Gives that number health

As far as I know, there are no cheat codes that can be used in a NetQuake game.

Non-cheat codes that can be used in any game:

Again, you must type a ` (located next to the "1" key) before typing any of these codes in.

crosshair 1            Puts a crosshair on your screen (good for Net games cuz it makes it easier to                              shoot someone due to better accuracy)

registered 1           Makes the shareware version think it's registered.

That's it for now, but I'll add more when I find out about them...If you know of any of these type sof codes and wouldn't mind e-mailing them to me so I can post them, please do so.


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Other Links

Demo Man's Domain - Tons of Demos

The 3D Gaming Scene - A ton of cheat codes for several different games

I will be adding a list of all the secret areas and how to get there soon!

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