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On this page I have taken the time and written out the first 24 American Dubbed Dragon Ball Z episodes for you folks out there who just want to read it or haven't seen a certain episode. Dragon Ball Z TV Series is aired on Sunday on UPN stations and as well as WB stations. It consist of a half-hour time frame and is for all ages to watch. If you ever have seen the original Dragon Ball series,well Dragon Ball Z series are more action filled and are made up of a long scale time line which can last over 25 episodes. If you haven't seen the Dragon Ball Z series yet. I urge you to watch a episode of it on Sundays and maybe you'll like it. For more information on the Dragon Ball Z Serie [Go Here].

Dragon Ball Z TV Episode Index
* Episodes 1-24 *

Episode Name View A Episode Episode Description
The Arrival of Raditz View Episode One Goku's older Brother Raditz arrives on earth and isn't happy with Goku's failure to destroy all forms of life on earth so now Raditz is going to make Goku pay, but not without a fight.
The World's Strongest Team View Episode Two Raditz takes Goku's son and now Goku and Piccolo got to get him back, but Raditz is here and he is running the show. What will happen in this epsiode? Find out
The Battle Ends View Episode 24 In this episode Gohan grows his tail back and before Vegeta has time to cut it off Gohan turns in to the giantanic Were Monkey. Goku stops Gohan from going beserk and tells him to go after Vegeta.Gohan later gets his tail cut off by Vegeta but it was to late for Vegeta and he got smashed by Gohan. For more on this episode view the link.