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Information and Other Stuff on the Dragon Ball Series
created by: Jason Smith

I started watching Dragon Ball back in the days when I was in Middle school and now I'm in college. Never though it would become anything like it is today. Millions of fans watch the ever most popular series known as Dragon Ball Z. For some god forsaking reason people went nuts over the second series. I figure it was because of the change from the childish action show to a more up to beat kung-fu overpowered human warrior type show. Fans started to pop-up out of the woods and from Japan a country where anime is a part of the family the anime crave has entered United States and beyond. Soon we will be all anime lovers. Who knows. My opinion about the Dragon Ball series are the following:

I think Dragon Ball Z when it was over was like nothing can top this and still the Dragon Ball GT - GT standing fro Goku & Trunks or some people say it stands for Grand Tour. It really doesn't matter what it stands for, but the bad thing about this one is that Akira Toriyama isn't the artist no more. So my opinion on it is it really doesn't have the must and thunder that Dragon Ball Z had. I mean Dragon Ball Z at one time had no end. It went well over 400 episodes. As when all this began, I mean the 1984 - 86 years of Dragon Ball. I remember when I went to Japan and experienced face on what anime was. In 1985 when I went all those good anime robotic blow it hell type series came out. It is still wildly or more even than it was when it began now. Anyway getting back to Dragon Ball, lets see when i was in Japan I got to see a small peek at the original Dragon Ball show. I didn't think much about it. I too was lets say obsessed with the robo anime stuff. Dragon Ball in my mind then was crap, and only crap, but hey if you didn't have Dragon Ball, there would not be Dragon Ball Z or so on.

I mean Akira Toriyama had to start small at sometime that is just how it is folks. If you think, oh I can walk up to a movie studio and get a job like that. Well your chances at that are 1- 1,000,000 or so. That is almost the way anime works to. You can't go drawing crap and expect people to go nuts over it. The people who can draw anime are very good and took loads of time and experience to become famous or whatever you want to say they become.

Dragon Ball Series Overview, In 1984 the Dragon Ball Series first came out which consist of about few episodes, but really the main result about the first Dragon Ball Series was it was a down right Junk. If you were 5,6,7 you would find this a great show, but give me a break, this ain't anime many people say. Well like I said above you got to start somewhere my friends. FUNimation did make OAV series out of this Dragon Ball series, 5 of them. Actually the OAV were nicely done. Overall I have seen worse anime series in my times and yes this is not the worst. Dragon Ball might be a kiddy crap series but it does got some attack and a well organized plot and so on.

Fast Time line, Planet Vegita gets destroyed by Freeza and only Goku,Nappa,Radditz, and Vegita are the soul- survives. Goku on his way to earth where he later kills his new grandfather and receive the first dragon ball which officially begins the adventure. Goku meets Burma and they hit it off and Goku finds out that Burma also has a dragon ball but with more stars in it. Goku gets trained by Master Roshi Goku become friends with Krilylin after a kung-fu type match. Goku and Krilylin train together. Goku goes with his gang on a world wide search for the dragon balls. They find them all they summon the dragon and I forget what happens. Anyway, Goku does fight enemies, many end up becoming his friends some do not, like one the first bad egg characters Pilaf. Anyway, find the original videos at a local video store or go to a comic store they usually sale them.

My Dragon Ball Z Time line (note very long and very up front) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ =============== Book #17, and the appearance of Radits, ================= || marks a significant change in the || || flow of the story, and the styles of || ================ fighting. ================== 2nd First appearance of Son Gohan, now age 4 Year First appearance of Goku's older brother, Radits First description of the Saiya-jin, from the planet Vejita Announcement that Goku's Saiya-jin name is Kakarot Explanation of the Scouter (Saiya-jin eyepiece) and a comparative listing of people's power levels Radits dies Gokuu dies and goes to heaven, starts running on the Snake Road First appearance of Prince Vejita Piccolo starts training Gohan Gohan turns into a were-monkey for the first time 30th First appearance of Kaiou-sama, Gokuu starts training with him mo. The others train with Kami-sama TIB Not shown. Everyone is busy fighting Nappa and Vejita 25 About this time, the past is altered by the arrival of Trunk's time machine, from one of the alternate futures, containing the egg that Cell is in 1st Vejita and Nappa arrive on the planet Day Creation of Vejita's cybermen (which are then destroyed) Mention of Namek, Piccolo's planet, and the original Dragon Balls Shenlon is summoned, and Gokuu is resurrected Chao-zu, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Piccolo, and Kami-sama all die Gokuu returns to the planet, and uses Kaiou-ken for the first time Vejita kills Nappa.

Vejita and Gokuu fight. Gokuu uses the Kaiou techniques Vejita creates a little full moon and turns into a were-monkey Gokuu realizes that he'd been a were-monkey once himself, many years ago, and had killed his beloved grandfather by accident Gohan turns into a were-monkey Defeat of Vejita. --------------------------- End of Volume 20 -------------------------- Kuririn has the chance to kill Vejita, but Gokuu stops him

Vejita escapes Next Burma blows up Nappa's ship Week Mr. Popo takes Burma to Piccolo's ship Kuririn, Burma, and Gohan start for Namek (34 day trip) 1st Vejita arrives on Freeza's planet, #79, and is healed month Burma and crew arrive on Namek Vejita learns that Freeza is after the Namek Dragon Balls Freeza, Zarbon, and Dodoria are introduced, first appearance of the Namek Balls The next batch of senzu seeds ripen, Gokuu is healed Gokuu rides the Capsule Corp. ship to Namek (6 day trip) Dodoria says that Freeza had Vejita's planet. Dodoria dies Chao-zu, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo arrive at Kaiou-sama's world and start training Zarbon dies Introduction of Dende, Nail, and Saichourou Gokuu trains using Kaiou-ken at 100 g 1 mo.

The Ginyuu team arrives, get the Balls, and fight Vejita + 6 Vejita kills Gurudo, Rikuum days Gokuu lands on the planet Vejita kills Baata and Jiisu Gokuu switches bodies with Ginyuu several times before Ginyuu gets trapped inside a Namekian frog Gokuu gets locked in the medical machine while: Dende summons the Namek Shenlon. The first wish is to resurrect Piccolo, the second is to bring Piccolo to Namek Saichourou dies. Nail gets absorbed into Piccolo Piccolo, Kuririn, Vejita and Gohan fight Freeza Freeza changes form 3 times to become the Fourth-stage Freeza Dende dies Gokuu is healed Vejita and Kuririn die. Enraged, Gokuu becomes a Super Saiya-jin Gokuu lets the Saiya-jin blood take over, which lets Freeza reach full strength, and destroys the planet Namek. Mr. Popo gathers the Earth Dragon Balls, and Kami-sama makes the wish: Resurrect all of the people killed by Freeza within the last year. (Brings back the Nameks, Dende, Saichourou, and Vejita) Dende makes the last wish of the Namek Shenlon: transport everyone on Namek, except Gokuu and Freeza, to Earth Gokuu defeats Freeza, and finds one of the Ginyuu spaceships Namek explodes Saichourou dies for the last time The Namekians, and Vejita, live in Buruma's neighborhood Vejita more-or-less joins forces with Goku's friends Gokuu arrives on planet Yardrat, learns to teleport, and contracts the heart disease that later kills him in Trunk's timeline +130 The Namek Dragon Balls are recreated: Kuririn's remains are days brought to Earth, and Kuririn and Yamcha are resurrected Gokuu is discovered to still be alive.

+130 Chao-zu and Tenshinhan are wished back to life, and new planet days is found for the Namekians, using the Namek Dragon Balls ,p> 1 The cyborg Freeza, Cold, and their friends arrive on Earth year First appearance of Super Saiya-jin Trunks Trunks destroys the invaders Gokuu arrives Trunks discloses the future to Gokuu, and gives him the heart medicine to cure his disease ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Splitting of the timeline Trunks leaves, Gokuu demonstrates his teleport Everyone splits up to train: Piccolo, Gokuu and Gohan train together Chao-zu and Tenshinhan train together Vejita has a 300 g training room built Kuririn goes to train with Kamesennin Yamcha stays at Capsule Corp. TIB Not shown. Everyone is busy preparing for the arrival of the 26 androids 1 Vejita and Burma sleep together year 2 Birth of Trunks years Arrival of androids #19 and 20, Trunks Fight with Dr. Gero. First indication that Vejita has finally become a Super Saiya-jin Gokuu is stricken by the heart disease #19 is destroyed by Vejita Gero activates #17 and 18 #17 destroys Gero The battle between the androids and the Z Fighters Yamcha and Chi Chi force feed the heart medicine to Gokuu Trunks finds the exo-skeleton from the larval Cell 15,000 people die in one city, their bodies consumed by Cell Piccolo combines with Kami-sama to become a Super Namek-jin First appearance of the first-stage Cell, and the discovery that Cell's powers mimic those of most of the Z Fighters Discovery of Gero's sub-basement, and the embryonic Cell -- destruction of the sub-basement by Trunks and Kuririn Burma and her father start studying Gero's schematics for #17 +3-4 Gokuu recovers from the heart disease days First mention of the Room of Spirit and Time Gokuu takes Gohan, Vejita, and Trunks to the Room of Spirit and Time Vejita and Trunks train for 1 day (equals 1 year of training) Piccolo fights #17 Cell arrives and fights Piccolo and #17;

Cell defeats Piccolo and consumes #17, becoming Second-Stage Cell #16's head is partially damaged in his fight with Cell Goku teleports to pick up Piccolo's and Tenshinhan's powerless bodies +4-5 #16 and #18 escape, Cell spends time trying to find them days Burma makes the cyborg-destruction controller and gives it to Kuririn; Gohan gives Piccolo and Tenshinhan senzu seeds to recover Burma gives the fighters new, stronger uniforms The Ultra Saiya-jin Vejita and Trunks step out of the Spirit Room Gokuu and Gohan enter the Room of Spirit and Time Ultra Vejita fights Cell and beats him up Kuririn finds #18, but steps on the controller instead Vejita lets Cell escape to consume #18, and stops Trunks from blocking Cell's path Cell consumes #18 and becomes complete Cell trashes Kuririn, then defeats Vejita Cell defeats Trunks, and declares the "Cell Game" -- the next Tenkaichi-budoukai +5-6 Ultra Saiya-jin Gohan and Gokuu emerge from the room (having days spent only 21 hours in it) Piccolo, Vejiita, and Trunks take turns training in the Room Gohan and Gokuu alternate training with relaxing and Gohan's studies The military attacks Cell, and are destroyed Gokuu visits Kaiou-sama to get the location of the new Namek planet, then enlists Dende as the new Kami-sama Dende creates a new set of Dragon Balls Gokuu finds the Dragon Balls after they scatter

+15 The start of the Cell Game days First appearance of pro wrestler Mr. Satan Mr. Satan is knocked out of the ring, and loses Gokuu fights Cell, and concedes defeat Gokuu announces that Gohan is stronger than anyone, gives Cell a senzu seed to make the fight fair Cell makes 7 clones of himself #16 is destroyed Gohan fights Cell, and succumbs to his Saiya-jin blood Cell is forced into spitting #18 back up Gokuu dies Trunks dies Gohan destroys Cell completely, with Vejita's help Satan deceives the world into thinking that he saved it The Dragon Balls are used to: Resurrect everyone killed by Cell And, to remove the explosive devices inside #17 and #18 #18 hints that maybe she'll see Kuririn again Gohan returns to Chi Chi Trunks returns to his future, and Vejita indicates that he's pleased with his son. ############ End of Goku's story. With volume #36, 7 years pass, and Gohan becomes the new hero.

======================================================================== In Trunk's time line: TIB Unknown 26 2 Birth of Trunks years Arrival of #17 and 18 Gokuu dies from the heart disease Everyone dies in the fight against the androids. 16 The one-armed Gohan fights #17 and #18, and dies years 19 Trunks, age 17, goes back in time to meet Gokuu, warn the group years about Gero's androids, and give Gokuu the heart medicine +?? Trunks returns to the past, for the battle with #16, 17, and 18 days 22 Trunks destroys #17 and #18 years Cell kills Trunks and leaves in Trunks time machine to arrive 4 years before the appearance of #17 and #18

------------------------------------------------------------------------ New timeline 22 Trunks returns to his timeline and destroys Cell before Cell can years steal the time machine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you want more on Dragon Ball Z, Go and find some other Dragon Ball Z Homepage which offers more on the episodes or go to Japan and buy the episodes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finally we come to Dragon Ball GT- well sorry I'm not to up to date with i, but if you haven't visited my Dragon Ball Express Page already or want to go and read through it more. I have 1- 30 of summaries of the episodes. -Warp to the Dragon Ball GT Summary Archives

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