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The Dragon Ball Z Profile and Technique Page

Dragon Ball Z Creature Profile

1. Son Goku - Is probably the most powerful of all the Super Saiyajin Z Warriors. He is a true warrior and is always training to improve his powers and abillities. He is kind and innocent and has a big heart. He was the first to reach Super Saiyajin form in which his hair turns yellow and his eyes goes green. He also becomes more powerful in this form. After returning from the dead he can obtain Super Saiyajin stage 3, in which he becomes very strong and more powerful than before.

2. Son Gohan - is the son of Son Gokou. He also has his fathers powers and abilities. He is smart and is always studying. He is kind hearted like his father and doesn't like to fight very much. However he will fight when he has to. He is a good fighter and maybe more powerful than his father, he achived Super Saiyajin form at a younger age than his father and was first of the saiyalin to reach Super Saiyalin stage 2, which is even more powerful.

3. Goten - is Gokou's youngest son. He is very much like his father and seems to look the same as well. He achived Super Saiyajin at a young age and is still very young. He and Trunks, his best friend who is a year older than him, are very mischievous as the two of them get into a lot of trouble. They can also fuse and become Gotenks who can achive Super Saiyajin stage 3.

4. Trunks - is the son of Vegeta. There is two trunks in a way. One is a teenage Super Saiyajin who is from the future. He is a good fighter and is very quiet and loyal. He carries with a sword which he obtain when he was young from a mysterious being from another world, who was trapped in a music box. There is young Trunks who is the same trunks but was born after his future self left. He is mischievous and along with Goten the two get into a lot of adventures. He was the one who became friends with the being who gave him the sword. He is one year older than Goten.

5. Vegita - is the Prince of Saiyajin. He is a proud warrior and is always improving himself to be better. He is a good fighter who is cool and very proud that he doesn't except any help when fighting. He used to evil and cold, intending to be the ruler of Earth, but was defeated by Gokou. He then joins the Z warriors and trains so that he can become better than Gokou.

6. Piccolo - is also a proud warrior. He trained Gohan to fight when Gokou was dead. He is a loyal friend and is always there to the rescue by directing a Ki ball away from an unconscious Gohan or someone else who has just been fighting a very powerful enemy.

7. Klilyn - is a very good friend of Gokou. He was a good fighter when he was training with Gokou but he now often lacks the ability he use to have. He tries to avoid fighting powerful beings or is knocked unconscious the in the very first attack. He is bald with six dots on his head and no nose. He is sort of the comic relief with the catch phrase "why is it always me" (or something like that).

8. ChiChi - Gokou's wife and mother of Gohan and Goten. She is strong, strict and at times bossy. She wants Gohan to grow up and become a scholar and pushes him to study. She can even order Gokou around at times.

9. Bulma - pronouced "bloomer" she is the mother of Trunks. She was the person who asked Gokou to join her in the quest for the seven Dragon Ball, when the series begun. She is kind of an inventor or engineer and is very smart. She invented the Dragon Radar that locates the whereabouts of the Dragon Balls.

10. Mutenroshi (aka Kamesennin) Mutenroshi was Goku's first trainer and was once the strongest person on earth. He founded the "Kamehameha" technique which was used A LOT in the series. He's also incredibly perverted; he has a panty fetish and is always trying to find ways to get "peeks" or "feels" of young, beautiful women. However, he has a companion, Umigame, a sea turtle, who tries to curb his "urges." Despite his perverted wishes, Mutenroshi is very old and wise, and has an excellent battle sense. Like many other characters in DB, Mutenroshi played his prime role in the first series.

11. Oolong Oolong was one of the earliest characters to appear in the DB series. He is a small pig with the ability to change his shape to whatever he wants for 5 minutes. Then he has to rest for 1 minute before he can shape-change again. Like Mutenroshi, he is also a pervert with a panty fetish, but he is not nearly as lecherous. Yet another character whose prime importance was in the earlier series.

12. Pooalu Pooalu is a floating blue cat that went to the same shape-changing school as Oolong. He (She?) has somewhat of a rivalry with Oolong left over from kindergarten; Oolong had bullied him before getting kicked out for stealing the teacher's panties. Unlike Oolong, Pooalu can do "true" change, and does not need to rest every 5 minutes. Pooalu is also a friend (worshipper?) of Yamucha's. He has always served as somewhat of a minor character in both series, although he has had his high points.

13. Yamucha One of the first characters to appear in the series, Yamucha was originally Goku's enemy, but soon became friends with him. Yamucha is characterized by a constantly changing hairstyle and an intense fear of women. (at least at the beginning) He was somewhat of an important character during the first series but less so in the second, being the weakest of all the Z fighters.

14. Gyumao Gyumao was Kamesennin's second best student, next to Son Gohan, Goku's "Grandfather." (Goku named his son after his grandfather, so don't get confused) He is a very large man who is always characterized by wearing a horned helmet. He appeared early in the series, during the first search for the Dragon Balls.

15. Chichi Chichi is Gyumao's daughter, who also first appeared about the same time as he did. After the first time we see Gyumao and Chichi they don't reappear for a long time (in the manga). The next time we see Chichi, she gets married to Goku. Therefore, she is also Gohan and Goten's mother. Her distinguishing trait is her temper; she gets mad a LOT. She is a very overprotective mother, which is probably justified in that her son is constantly drawn into fights against some of the toughest people in the universe.

16. Kulilin: Kulilin is Goku's best friend, and has been around since the first series. He is a fighting monk who leaves his temple to find and train with Mutenroshi. He is kind of short, has no nose and throughout most of the series, has no hair either. Kulilin trained with Goku under Mutenroshi and afterwards shared many adventures with him. Kulilin has died more times than anyone else in the series. He is one of the weaker fighters, but this is partially due to his low self-confidence. Nevertheless, he has gotten fairly powerful due to all his fights with the really powerful enemies, and I think is the next strongest Z fighter after Piccolo.

17. Lunch A young, naive girl that Goku and Kulilin saved to bring to Kamesennin. She stayed at the Kame House during the first series, acting as somewhat of a housekeeper. Normally she is a polite, good-natured girl with dark hair, but whenever she sneezes, her hair turns blond and she becomes a psychotic criminal. When "bad" Lunch sneezes, she changes back.

18. Artificial Human #8 The first Artifical Human in the Dragon Ball series, AH #8 first appeared during the first series, and bears a resemblance to the Frankenstein Monster. Made by Dr Gero of the Red Ribbon Army, he was supposed to kill Goku but would "not do bad things." Goku saved his life and became his friend, and AH #8 ("Hatchan") helped Goku defeat White of the Red Ribbon Army.

19. Bora and Upa Bora is a big man that guards Karin's tower, and Upa is his son. They have Goku's 4-star Dragon Ball, and appear during the Red Ribbon saga. Bora is killed by Taopaipai, sparking a quest where Upa joins Goku to find the Dragon Balls to revive him. After the first series, we don't see Bora and Upa again until the very end of DBZ during the fight with Original Buu.

20. Karin-sama A very old, wise cat which lives high on the top of Karin Tower. It is there that he grows the Senzu seeds, magic beans that heal and energize whoever ate them, plus each seed is worth 10 days of food when eaten. Karin-sama also has the Choushinsui, a magical but very poisonous tea that grants a large power-up to whoever drinks it and survives.

21. Uranai-no-Baba (lit. Fortune telling old woman) Uranai-no-Baba is Mutenroshi's older sister, who runs a fortune telling "business." For 10,000,000 zeni (the DB world's money) you can have your fortune told, or else you have to beat 5 of her fighters to have the future told. She also has the power to allow someone to come back from the dead for one day. She does this for Son Gohan (Goku's "grandfather") and Goku later on.

22. Son Gohan Sorry if this confuses you, there are 2 Son Gohans in the series. This one is Goku's "grandfather" who found Goku abandoned in his Saiyajin space capsule and took him in. Goku squashed Gohan flat when he turned into a giant monkey. Gohan comes back from the dead in the series as one of Uranai no Baba's 5 fighters to talk to Goku.

23. Tenshinhan(Tien) - Tenshinhan is a 3-eyed man who was a student of Mutenroshi's rival Tsurusennin, from whom he learned a lot of interesting techniques. He can communicate telepathically with his best friend Chaozu, and his master Tsurusennin. Originally he trained to be an assassin, but eventually realized that being one was not what he wanted. He beat Goku to win the 2nd Tenkaichi-budokai, and was fairly powerful during the first series, second only to Goku. Recently, though, he has taken a subordinate role in the series like Yamucha. Next to Yamucha, he is probably the weakest Z fighter.

24. Chaozu A small, pastel-white floating child, and friend of Tenshinhan. Like Tenshinhan, Chaozu is a student of Tsurusennin, and competed in the second Tenkaichi-Budokai in the series. Chaozu is a fairly good fighter, but is not very good at math; this proves to be his weakness. He is tied with Kulilin for the most number of deaths in the series.

25. Yajirobe A friend of Goku's and a minor character in the series who carried Goku up Karin's tower during the time when the old Piccolo was around. For some reason he decided to stay there. He occasionally comes down to supply Senzu seeds. Normally a coward, he occasionally does something brave, like attacking Vegita and cutting off his tail. He is a fairly good fighter in his own right but not up to the standards of Goku and the others.

26. Mister Popo Mister Popo is a short, jet-black humanoid with a turban who lives up in the Tenkai and is a servant to whoever is the current Kami of earth. He's been there since even before Kami-sama was there, and is fairly strong, though nowhere near as powerful as any of the other Z fighters.

27. Kami-Sama Kami-sama, the god of Earth, created Shen-Lon and the Dragon Balls. He is a Nameck-seijin like Piccolo. Actually, he is Piccolo; he cast away all his evil into the old Piccolo. Therefore, if Piccolo dies, so does he. Kami-sama lives in the Tenkai, a floating palace high above Karin's tower, where he can look down and see what is happening on earth. He no longer exists, having fused with Piccolo to give him a large power-up so he could fight Cell.

28. Piccolo There are two Piccolos in the DB/DBZ series. The one who became a "good guy" was actually the "new" Piccolo, the son of the first. To get info on the new Piccolo, check out the last page.

29. Son Gohan: Gohan is Goku's first son. Check the last page for more detail about him.

30. Vegita Aside from Goku, the only pure Saiyajin left alive by the end of the series.

31. Enma-sama Enma-sama is a huge man that guards the entrance to the afterworld. He sits at a desk and sends all the spirits that come there to either Tenkoku (heaven) or Jigoku. (Hell) He plays a fairly minor role in the series but often deals with what happens to dead main characters, allowing them to return to Earth, etc. Note that Enma is actually a figure from Shinto religion, the King of the Afterworld.

32. Kaio-sama One of four Kaios, beings from each corner of the galaxy who monitor activity in their sector of the galaxy. He lives on a ridiculously small planet (ever read "The Little Prince?") at the end of a long road in Heaven. He has a pet monkey Bubbles and in the TV series, a pet insect of some sort, Gregory. The first time Goku died, he trained with Kaio-sama and learned the Kaio-ken and Genki-dama. Kaio's planet was destroyed when Cell blew up on it.

33. Dende Dende is Kami-sama's successor as the god of Earth. Like Piccolo and Kami-sama, he is also a Nameck-seijin, and is even younger than Gohan. Gohan and Kulilin first met Dende on their trip to Nameck-sei to gather the Nameck Dragon Balls. He has the power to heal injuries by laying his hands on the injured, and created more powerful Dragon Balls on Earth that can grant three wishes.

34. Nail A minor character during the Nameck-sei episodes, Nail is the bodyguard of Saichoryo, the planet's elder and source of life for the Dragon Balls. He fused with Piccolo to give him a power-up to fight Freezer.

35. Trunks Trunks is Vegita's first child. There are two different Trunkses in DBZ. (Yes, they are technically the same person but have totally different personalities.) Trunks is covered in more detail on the last page.

36. Artificial Humans #17 and #18 These two Artifical Humans were also created by Dr. Gero to kill Goku. They are twin brother and sister, #17 being a man with long black hair, and #18 being a girl with blond hair. In Trunks' future, they are both very much "bad guys," having wiped out most of the population of Earth. However during the altered timeline they are less destructive, focusing just on killing Goku. They end up joining the Z fighters to fight Cell, as Cell wanted to absorb both of them. Cell absorbed both, which was the last time we ever see or hear of #17 until the very end of the manga series, but Cell eventually spits out #18. Later on after Cell is killed, #18 marries Kulilin.

37. Artificial Human #16 AH #16 is a very large robotic man with a red mohawk and green armor. He was made by Dr. Gero to kill Goku as revenge for destroying the Red Ribbon Army, but joined the Z fighters to fight Cell. He is normally very quiet and introverted, and possesses a strong love and respect for nature and life. His death at the hands (feet?) of Cell was what triggered Gohan to go Super Saiyajin 2 for the first time.

38. Mr. Satan Used mostly as comic relief, Mr. Satan is the "hero of earth," taking credit for having killed Cell and saving the planet. Among "normal" Earthlings, he is fairly strong, but in reality he is a weakling and a coward. However, he performs the occasional heroic action, and occasionally manages to save the rest of the Z fighters by some minor action. He is also one of the only characters in the Dragon Ball series who has never died.

39. Beedel Beedel is Mr. Satan's daughter, and is the same age as Gohan. While not nearly as strong as any of the other Z fighters, she is a lot better than her father. She is in Gohan's high school class and uncovers his identity of "Great Saiyaman." Eventually she and Gohan get married.

40. Son Goten: Goten is Goku's second son, and a dead ringer for Goku when he was a little kid. At the end of the series, Goten was 17 and looked nothing like Goku though. Goten is very powerful for someone his age, although he is a little bit naive like his father. He can fuse with Trunks to become Gotenks, one of the most powerful characters in the series.

41. Maron Maron is Kulilin and #18's daughter with a very round head and pigtails. She plays a very minor role in the series. (in fact, we don't even learn her name until long after she is first introduced) There's not too much more I can think of to say about her.

42. (East) Kaio-shin Kaio-shin is one of four gods of the Kaios. Most of the other Kaio-shins were killed off by Majin-Buu, and one was imprisoned within the Zed Sword. (we actually get to see this one) Kaio-shin then traveled to Earth to stop Babidi from reviving Buu, and enlists the help of the Z fighters. However, his plan to stop the revival backfires...

Kibito Kibito is Kaioshin's assistant. He has the power to heal wounds with his hands much like Dende. He plays a fairly minor role in the DBZ series. Eventually using 15-dai-mae Kaio-shin's earrings, he fuses with Kaio-shin permanently.

43. Majin-Buu Majin-Buu was one of the strongest villians in the Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z universe, but he eventually became a good guy. He has gone through more different forms than Freezer and Cell combined. The first Buu is fat Buu, a fat, round pink man with a cape and the mind of a baby, but is very strong. When he got really angry, the smoke that came out of his head changed into Skinny Buu. Fat Buu (who became a good guy around this point) tried to change him into a chocolate, but Skinny Buu blew the blast back at him. Fat Buu turned into a chocolate, Skinny Buu ate him, and turned into Super Buu.

44. 15 Dai-mae Kaio-shin (lit. Kaio-shin from 15 generations ago) 15 Dai-mae Kaio-shin was the Kaio-shin trapped in the Z Sword. When it broke, he was released. Like Mutenroshi, he is a real pervert, but he has an interesting skill; he can give a huge power-up to anyone who can sit through a 25-hour power-up. He uses this skill to make Gohan the most powerful non-fused character in the series.

45. Gotenks Using the Fusion, Goten and Trunks can fuse into Gotenks. Gotenks is very powerful, second only to Gohan and Vegitt, and also is the only character other than Goku that can change to Super Saiyajin 3. However, he has a huge ego which gets him in trouble. Gotenks is often used as comic relief as well.

46. Vegitt When Goku and Vegita fuse, they become Vegitt (Vegita+Kakarott=Vegitt), the most powerful character in the DBZ world. (I've also seen his name as Gogita, but this is from a DBZ movie and not the original manga.) Like Gotenks, Vegitt has a huge ego.

47. Pan Pan is Gohan and Beedel's daughter. She first appears in the last two installments of the manga before it ended. Needless to say, we never get to learn a lot about her before the series ends. She looks just like Beedel did at 16, just a lot smaller. She's pretty tough in a fight for her age and size, and certainly has the potential to become fairly strong.

48. Bra Bra is Trunks' little sister. She looks like a carbon copy of Bulma when we first see her way back in DB book #1, only much smaller. Like Pan, she only appears in the last two installments of the manga and only speaks a single line in those installments so it's tough to say much about her.

49. Uub Uub is a polite little kid with a mohawk, another character who doesn't appear until the very end of the series. Actually, he is the reincarnation of Original Buu. (Uub=Buu backwards) He is very powerful for a human his age. At the end of the series, Uub goes back to his home town with Goku, who is going to train him.

Bad Guys Character Profile

1. Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai These are the first set of villains presented in the DB world (on TV, that is; in the manga the Usagi-dan came first) Pilaf is a small blue imp determined to rule the world. Shuu and Mai are his underlings. Shuu is an anthropomorphic animal in a ninja costume, (what IS he, anyway? A fox?) and Mai is a woman with long black hair. None of them pose any direct physical danger to the good guys, (although they once imprisoned them in a death trap and later released the old Piccolo.) and are very comic characters in general.

2. The Usagi-Dan The Usagi-Dan is a group of people who run around in rabbit ears and terrorize the peace loving populace. Their oyabun is a large rabbit with sunglasses named Toninjinka, whose touch can turn you into a carrot. (Oyabun is a leader of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia) In one episode of the series (2 manga installments) they stood in Goku's way, turning Bulma into a carrot, but were eventually stopped with Yamucha's help. Goku then took them to the moon using his Nyoibo, so I guess they technically died when Mutenroshi blew up the moon.

The Red Ribbon Army is another populace-terrorizing organization, set on finding the Dragon Balls so that the leader can make himself taller. They played a major part in the first series, as Goku singlehandedly opposed them. The important members of the Red Ribbon are: Red Sosui: The leader of the Red Ribbon army, Red Sosui is a very short man who is very hung up on his height. He secretly wants the Dragon Balls to become taller. He despises failure and executes any of his soldiers who fails on the spot. Black Hosa: While Red is the leader of the Army, the true coordinator of everything is Black. Black is Red's top advisor and the trainer of the army forces. He is really idealistic and wants to see the Red Ribbon Army conquer the world. Silver Taisa: Silver Taisa is one of the officers of the Red Ribbon in charge of searching for the Dragon Balls. He is fairly strong, but is no match for Goku. White Shogun: The head of Muscle Tower, White Shogun terrorizes the north section of the world, focusing his efforts on Jingle Village, a nearby town. Metallic Gunso: A robotic man who mans one of the floors of Muscle tower. He is quite tough and can take a lot of punishment. Murasaki Socho: A ninja who is very fast and has lots of tricks up his sleeve. He serves as one of the top commandants of Muscle Tower, second only to White. Buyon: Well, not a real member of the Red Ribbon Army, Buyon is a rubber-like monster who lives in Muscle tower. Blue Shogun: One of the strongest members of the Red Ribbon Army, Blue Shogun can fight and has psychic ability to back it up. Of all the officers of the Red Ribbon army, he was a threat for the longest period of time. Violet Taisa: We never get to see much of this character. She's a woman with short hair. She appears in one panel, so there's not much to say about her. Yellow Taisa: Yellow is an anthropomorphic tiger. He attempted an assault on Seichi Karin but was foiled by Goku and Bora. Copper Shogun: We never get to see this character, he's only mentioned, but since he's a Shogun, he has to be important in some way to the Army. Goku almost singlehandedly defeats the Red Ribbon Army. One of the scientists of the Army, Doctor Gero, survived, however and caused lots of problems for Goku and company during DBZ.

3. Taopaipai Taopaipai is a hired killer for the Red Ribbon Army, and the only one of them who could ever beat Goku in a one-on-one fight. Goku seemingly killed Taopaipai, but he returned six years later as a half-cyborg to compete in the Tenkaichi-Budokai. After his subsequent defeat at the hands of Tenshinhan, he was never seen again in the manga, although he returned for an episode in the TV series right before the Cell Game.

4. Tsurusennin Tsurusennin is an old man who trained together with Mutenroshi under Mutaito when they both were younger. He is also the older brother of Taopaipai. He and Taopaipai created their own school of martial arts, and together they trained Tenshinhan and Chaozu. He is very angry at Goku for killing Taopaipai and wants to get revenge against all of the Kamesennin school. Later he also gets a grudge against Tenshinhan and Chaozu for "defecting to Kamesennin's side."

5. Piccolo-Daimao and his henchman Piccolo-Daimao (Kami-sama's evil side) was released by Pilaf during the second Tenkaichi-Budokai in the series, and attempted to conquer the world with his henchman, Tamborine, Cymbal, Piano and Drum. He used the Dragon Balls to restore his youth and strength, and afterwards held the entire world prisoner until he was killed by Goku. In the last moments before he died, he spat out an egg that hatched into the "new" Piccolo, the one that became a "good guy" in the second TV series.

6. Raditts Raditts is the first villain to appear in the second series. He is Goku's older brother, and traveled to Earth to see whether or not his brother Kakarott had conquered the planet. Upon learning of Goku's "reprogramming," Raditts demanded that Goku kill 100 Earthlings and show the bodies to him, or else he would kill Gohan, who was only 4 at the time. Goku and Piccolo chased after him, and after a battle, managed to kill him. However, Goku sacrificed himself by holding Raditts in place while Piccolo could attack, and was killed in the same blow.

7. Nappa and the Saibaimen Nappa is a large, bald Saiyajin who was Vegita's caretaker as a child, and came to Earth the same time he did. The Saibaimen were seeds that Nappa brought with him to earth that could hatch into small fighting humanoids when planted in the ground. The Saibaimen killed Yamucha, but were then all the rest except for one were destroyed by Kulilin. Piccolo picked up the last one However, Nappa then managed to kill Tenshinhan, Chaozu and Piccolo before Goku could come to help. Goku defeated Nappa, who was promptly killed by Vegita for his failure.


1. 12 Eyes (Aka Shishin no Ken): This technique is used by Tenshinhan to split himself into four different parts. Each Tenshinhan created is not just an image like that created with the Zanzoken, but can fight and be attacked. The only problem with the 12 Eyes move is that each Tenshinhan only has a quarter of the power and the speed than if there was only one. Who can use: Tenshinhan, Cell (anime only)

2. Akumaitokosen: This is a special energy wave designed explicitly for a quick kill of one's opponent. When the wave strikes its victim, the evil in his heart expands and causes his heart to explode. Of course, the victim then must have some evil in his heart for the attack to work. Who can use: Akkuman

3. Bakuhatsuha: By raising two fingers, the user of this attack can create a large explosion that will totally decimate the surrounding area or the ground under an opponent. Who can use: Nappa, Vegita

4. Bakurikimaha: Piccolo Daimao's ultimate ki attack, this is is an extremely powerful ki blast shot from one hand, the other gripping the shooting hand's wrist for support. The time Piccolo shot this one might possibly be the biggest ki blast fired in the first series. Who can use: Piccolo Daimao

5. Barrier: This purely defensive technique forms a Ki-shield around the body that protects the user from Ki or similar attacks. There are two forms of this maneuver. One is a spherical shield that surrounds the body, the other is more of a coating of the body. Who can use: Freezer, Artificial Human #17, Cell, Vegitt

6. Big Bang Attack: One of the first techniques Vegita developed as Super Saiyajin, the Big Bang attack is a huge ki bolt of incredible destructive power. Vegita holds one flat palm forward towards his enemy and launches the bolt. The attack that took out Artificial Human #19. Who can use: Vegita

7. Blue's Psychic Ability Blue Shogun of the Red Ribbon Army has the ability to completely paralyze his enemy with his eyes using psychic powers. He can also use this power to manipulate inanimate objects to an extent. Who can use: Blue Shogun

8. Body Change: This technique is used by the leader of the Ginyu-tokusentai, Ginyu. Ginyu spreads his limbs out, shouts "Change!" and shoots out a bolt of energy, and if it hits its target, Ginyu changes bodies with that person. Ginyu then gains the strength and speed of his target, but not his special techniques or ki. After changing bodies, Ginyu can still do a Body Change. Ginyu will change bodies with the first person to hit his change beam, and thus if someone gets in the way of his intended target, Ginyu will change bodies with that person instead. Who can use: Ginyu

9. Bukujutsu: Not exactly a fighting technique, this is the ability to fly with one's ki. Since almost all of the fights in the second series occurred at least partially in the air, this technique is used all the time during fights, as well as being used to go from place to place. The only characters in the first series that could use it since their first appearances were Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Piccolo. (and maybe Pooalu?) Almost every one of the other characters learn to fly eventually, and by the time DBZ comes around, every major character could. Who can use: Anyone who fights in DBZ except Yajirobe and Mister Satan.

10. Burning Attack: Future Trunks' trademark ki attack, this is a powerful energy blast shot from both hands. Trunks holds both hands forward, does some strange arm moves, and then puts both hands forward again, index fingers and thumbs touching. Then he releases the blast. Who can use: (Future) Trunks

11. Chaozu's Chonoryoku: A very unique technique, Chaozu puts both hands, or a single hand forward and can manipulate the bodily movements of his opponent to an extent, providing his opponent is not too powerful. He can stop someone's movements or cause internal pain with this technique. Who can use: Chaozu

12. Chobakuretsumaha: This is Piccolo's ultimate Ki blast. He powers up the blast between the palms of his hands in front of his chest, then releases the blast. Very very powerful. This blast is known as "Gekiretsukodan" in the DBZ video games. Who can use: Piccolo

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