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    2. Old Artictles

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    This page will be back in full gear by 2/20/98... I'm working hard to get this section to you. So bookmark this section...


    Welcome to Master Roshi's Inquirer

    The MRD. Inquirer is the strong section of Master Roshi's Domain, which holds the site together. I'm hoping this section of Master Roshi's Domain will recieve many visitors, so please tell others and add a link, bookmark it, whatever. I just hope this section is enjoyed by you anime/manga fans, and all you others; I can't forget you Dragon Ball fans as well.

    The New Attractions Page has moved here... (Below Actually)

    New Attractions

    Updated: 5/18/98 9:33 PM Eastern US Time: Well people I have finally got the page back in attack after a long down period of service being off line. I have finally caught up to my destination plans.

    Hello Dragon Ball Fans from all three series. Well, it seems the Dragon Ball Z TV series are once again are going to the next episode on Namik. Get ready, soon Goku will arrive with powers beyond belief, Freeza will have a hand full when our hero puts his might foot upon the Planet Namik.

    Site News

    I guess it is safe to say I got a lot of time now. I have lots of plans of remodeling going on within my brain. So don't be to easy to leave my site for good. I might be saying to much when I say: "I have it in me to make the best Dragon Ball site the web has to offer, -AND- I will try to do just that. By summer end, this site will consist of jam-packed information, pictures, midi, whatever it takes. I will say it once, and only once. If you think this is a joke. Then come back within a month. I promise you a much better site, then!"

    Please, fill in all the sections. If you don't want to write your name, write N/A.
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