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I HAD been wondering how the heck people kept emailing me about this site when I'd taken it down years ago ( according to Geocities, I hadn't edited this page since April 1998. ) Now I just discovered that it was linked from another page:

The Fushigi Yuugi Addiction Help Page.

I don't mind that it's linked. What I DO mind is that it isn't credited as being someone ELSE'S ( namely, my not-terribly-original) page. Some people evidently thought that this page was one of the pages made by whoever did the FY Addiction Help Page. Which is kind of irritating. ^_^

I didn't take this page down because I'm mad at that; it's an old page, and it's not linked from any of our other pages for a reason; IT NEEDS UPDATING! ;;^_^ I'll put this back up when it's ready. ( Ara ara...)

So for now...THE SERVICE IS CLOSED. ( and the hunks are mine! n_n )

Next time, minna, if you want to link to someone else's page, make it perfectly clear it's not one of your own pages, mmkay?

-- Priya ( of The Shrine of the Almighty Chicken of Doom! and genkiland! )

Until then, here's a bishounen to gaze upon ( Hope-ouji from Tokumu Sentai SHINESMAN )

Long-haired alien royalty. It doesn't get much better than that, two-dimensionally speaking. ^_^