You wish to have this award eh?

Well, anyone with an Anime or Manga page has a good chance at getting this award for their page, That page just has to meet these simple requirements.

No Hentai Pages

No Profanity

No Nude Pics, Anime(hentai) or otherwise

You must be willing to put up the award picture on your page providing that the picture is a link to this page

your page must promote Anime in a positive way

I can refuse any pages I want too even if they meet the above requirements

if your Anime/Mange page meets those requirements and you want it for your page, send the information bellow to

the information you send me must include:

a reason you think your page should have the award

your E-Mail address

your Web Page URL

the subjest field must read: Japanimation's Anime Award

once I have that, I will reveiw your page, And if it meets the requirements, and I think its a good page. I will send you the Html code that must be inserted into your page.

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Contact Information

Please drop me a letter telling me what you think about this page and how I might improve it. and remember I am in constant search for moving anime pics, if you have any, please contact me

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