Royalty's Throne Room
Queen Serenity and Neoqueen Serenity

The Moon Royalty is glad to receive you at the Throne Room.
Past and future gather here to show you what good they have done to Earth. Enter "Last shine", to visit the gallery where you will find Queen Serenity's images, in her last day, when she defended her Kingdom and daughter from Metallia. Read the alt tags, they narrate the story. Finally, we offer a new gallery, featuring Neo King Endymion's first appearance!

You can also visit the Awakening, a gallery that ilustrates how Neo Queen Serenity awakened the Earth after a long sleep, creating Crystal Tokyo and entering a period of peace.
  • Awakening
  • Last Shine
  • The King's ghost
  • Queen's quiz

    Find a little about yourself selecting your favorite city on Sailor Moon, on the past, present or future time.

    Senshi for Earth

    If you believe this Earth is worth trying the effort, you can help. Bringing concience is something important enough, and is not hard to do. Put this image in your site, or send it to friends that like Sailor Moon too. Our slogan? Save Earth, be neat!

    We carefully chose projects were you can help and that involve global concern.
    Senshi for Earth
    Senshi for Earth
    Congratulations! We saved Baja whales! Mexico's President Zedillo called the projects off. Thank you all.
    So we are supporting a new cause: Ancient forests protection Read about it at this Greenpeace link.

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