Title Description Author Idiom Size
Demi´s Hacking Document.
This is a good document for people that already knows something about ROM Hacking.But is not recommendated to beginers, because it can be a little bit difficult to understand.
Demi 10 Kb
J2e Translations - Basic ROM Hacking.
A good document for beginers.Although it is too brief.
CataclysmX 21 Kb
Excellent document that teachs you how to use this programs: Script Extractor,Scrip Inserter, Table Maker and Thingy.
Jair 68 Kb
Zdawg´s ROM Hacking Document.
Gorgeous. Definitive.I recommend it to all kind of people.If you really want to learn ROM Hacking, download this document inmediately!!
Zdawg 9 Kb
Guía de la Traducción 2.
Good document for beginers.It teachs you some interesting things, like how to resolve the problem of the space in ROMs.
¿¿¿¿???? 67 Kb
J2e Translations- Advanced ROM Hacking.
Another good document that tries to teach us how to deal with the problem of space when translating ROMs.
Anus P. 10 Kb
Enciclopedia para la enseñanza de la Traducción.
Document that teachs you the basic techniques of ROM Hacking..
Emum@nia 18 Kb
It teachs you how to translate ROMs from the Nes.It is good but there are better.
jason 4 Kb
Traduciendo ROMs paso a paso.
Document that explains us how to find the famous tables from our favourites ROMs.
Carnby 121 Kb
L´espace d´un ROMs.
Another document that explains us all the things that are neccessary to understand the mayor problem of translating ROMs: The limited space.
Wild Ham French 5 Kb
Rage Games Hacking Save States.
With this document we will learn how to cheat in all the ROMs we have so that we can have infinitive lifes, money , .......A very useful document.
¿¿¿??? 6 Kb
How to Translate SNES ROMs 0.50 pre omega.
This document is highly recommended to beginers that want to start translating ROMs from the SNES.
Shadow 51 Kb
This document is only recommendated for experts because it is tooooooooo difficult to understand if you don´t already know something.It teachs you how to understand this language.
¿¿¿??? 28 Kb
How to Hack ROMs without an hex editor.
As the title says, with this document we will be able to translate ROMs without using the feared Hexadecimal editors.Although it is a good document and that is possible to translate ROMs without an HEX editor, i still prefer to use them.
Toma 997 Bytes