Title Description Author Idiom Size
Thingy ´98.
For me is the best tool for translating ROMs.It can be used either by beginers or people who already knows something.Its use is very easy.If you don´t have it yet , DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!!!
Necrosaro 65 Kb
Script extractor.
With this program you can dump the text that you want to translate so that it becames a text file that is more esay to change.
Jair 33 Kb
Script inserter.
It´s the opposite of the program above.Wiht this you can insert the text that you extracted with the Script extractor.
Jair 36 Kb
Table Maker.
With this program you can make tables for your favourite games.It is a very good tool if you use it with Thingy.
Jair 23 Kb
Relative Search 2.0.
With this program you can descifrate the table of your favourite game to translate it..
J3d 181 Kb
If the ROM that you are going to translate uses the ASCii table this program is very useful to translate it..
JoSeK 104 Kb
One of the most famous Hexadecimal editor that exists.Although i prefer Ultra-Edit.
¿¿¿??? 19 Kb
In my opinion the best Hexadecimal editor.It is not too difficult to use and haves all the functions that a good Hex editor needs to have.At first it can be a little bit difficult to use it ,but when you practice a bit you see that is easy to use all its functions.
Ian D.Mead 1087 Kb
UniRom 6.0.
This program is similar to Thingy.It haves the same functions, but i still prefer Thingy.
Bjorn Astrom 119 Kb
Nesticle 0.42.
Aunque propiamente dicho no es una herramienta para ejercer el ROM hacking, sino un emulador de Nes, es muy útil para averiguar las tablas de los ROMs de la Nes.
¿¿¿??? 330 Kb
Thingy en Español.
The same program that i talked above but in Spanish. NOTE: When the program asks you for the "mesa" you have to give him the table.
¿¿¿??? 53 Kb