General Utilities.


Title Description Author Idiom Size
SNES Cartdrige Specs.
This program reads the header of the ROM you want.By doing that the program will be able to say you the complete name of the game, the original size , the company that produced it, ........
Simone Zanella 14 Kb
SNES Chart 1.90.
This is a list in which you can see if the game you want to play is compatible with the emulator you have.Only for SNES ROMs.Very useful
Eidolon 55 Kb
Emu FAQ.
This document is the Frequent Asked Questions about the world of emulation.It is very extense.Good document for those who have began to have interest in emulators.
Sam Pettus 207 Kb
SNES Tool 1.10.
With this utility you can do whatever you want to your ROM.It has lots of useful functions like patching ROMs.Very useful.
The M.C.A. 14 Kb
RPGD Archivos.
A list of all the RPGs that have appeared for all consoles, from the Nes to the Dreamcast.Once you have see it you will want all the games it has in it.
żżż??? 15 Kb



Here you can find some of the most wanted tables.With them you will be able to begin translating ROMs.I hope you enjoy them. If you don´t see the table you want e-mail me o leave me a message in the message board and i will try to obtain it for you..

Title Description Console Size
FF 1.
Table for the Final Fantasy 1.
NES 1 Kb
FF 3.
Table for the Final Fantasy 3.
NES 2 Kb
FF 6.
Table fot the Final Fantasy 6.
Table for the Rol game of Mario: Super Mario RPG.
SNES 411 Bytes
Ranma RPG (Jap).
Japanesse table for this RPG of Ranma.
SNES 11 Kb