Lotor Fan Art

Beautiful fan art! The most recent artist is at the top. Enjoy!

NEW!! The multi-talented KK60 has bequeathed a great image of Lotor, posing for us!

Lotor, looking stunning.


NEW!! A great new image from LobsterClaws showing Lotor looking very debonair. ;)

Lotor, mmmm!


Kirsten has decided to give the photo-manipulation fanart a try!

Lotor daydreams about ALlura Allura thinking of Lotor Lotor and Allura Allura and Lotor Lotor fantasizing about Allura

And...Kirsten has some wonderful fan art of Lotor and Allura!

Lotor in a suit, yum! Allura up close with Lotor Allura


Andrea has donated some wonderful new art! Check out the newest pic inspired by Tamysan's fanfic, Bass Ackwards!

Bass Ackwards! Lotor ready for battle! Lotor


Mandy D has given us some wonderful art. First is Lotor embracing Allura, the second is a Viking Lotor!

Lotor and Allura Lotor the Viking


These are from Liz Faire. Her art is wonderful, so go on and take a look!

Lotor Lotor and a light saber!


These are from Zejan the Wonder Monkey (hee hee). The first and newest image is how Lotor would look, were he crowned king...Then it's Beefcake Lotor! Also, we have a stately Lotor...The third is called 'Stalemate'...I wonder who will win..

King Lotor Beefcake Lotor Lotor Stalemate


This is from Samara9. Her work is simply beautiful. You just have to see for yourself...I was in awe when she sent it to me.

Beautiful Lotor


Yes, this is your wayward pagemistress who drew this. ;) A cheesecake shot for the first one, Southpark Lotor for the second.

Lotor lounging. South Park Lotor


This one is from Urso and goes with the corresponding poem! The second is a look at Lotor's more animalistic side...

A picture of Lotor looking over a balcony. Lotor as a lion.


NEW!! Four groups of great photo-manipulation art from Tamysan!

Lotor and his new family...some day Allura and Lotor at their wedding - image made by altering a Serena and Darient Sailor Moon pic Allura staring up at Lotor Lotor grasping Allura Lotor and Allura kissing Allura and Lotor in bed

And in this next part, the first group shows a harem-ified Allura with Lotor, then how Dinner and a Show, her fanfiction, would look...and then Star Wars and Voltron colliding...Return of the Jedi Lotor! The second group is Tamysan having some fun with Voltron: 3rd Dimension pictures, and the last new group, Tamysan put together of existing Lotor and Allura pics!

Harem Allura Dinner and a show! Voltron made to look like a Return of the Jedi poster! Voltron made to look like a Return of the Jedi poster! Version 2 Lotor as Han Solo...WOOHOO! Voltron made to look like a Return of the Jedi poster!
Lotor embracing Allura - Voltron 3rd Dimension A marriage!
Lotor and Allura Lotor and Allura Lotor and Allura Lotor and Allura Lotor and Allura Lotor and Allura

The first three of the older pics were made with Poser, and the last two were made by combining different Lotor and Allura pictures. These are from Tamysan and go along with her fanfics. The thumbnails aren't the best, I know, but the pictures are great! She did them on her computer. Click to see.

Lotor and Allura. Leaning in for the kiss. The kiss between Lotor and Allura! Lotor Lotor carrying Allura. Lotor and Allura...heh, heh. Lotor reclining. Lotor and Allura dancing. Lotor dipping Allura. Coran lookin' good. Some Voltron folks and Lotor! Lotor and Allura! Lotor having woke up early, looking disheveled. Allura from Reap the Whirlwind

Allura! Zarkon!! Lotor! Coran!

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