Lotor's Gallery

Here you will find links to the various galleries around the site. Please enjoy!

Pictures of Lotor
These are really nice screen captures. Just click on the thumbnails and away you go.

More Pictures
Thumbnailed as above.

Voltron: 3rd Dimension pictures of Lotor, when he had an illusion spell of his former self placed upon him.

Mini Pictures
These pictures aren't thumbnails of larger pictures, but they're still quite nice. This first page has three pictures of Lotor getting slapped by Romelle - something you don't see in Voltron.

Yet more
Mini pictures.

Another Page
...of mini pictures.

The Last Page
...of mini pictures.

Sincline's Demise
The end of Sincline (Lotor) that you never saw in Voltron....

Misc Pictures
Playing with Photoshop and layers, some 'morphed' pictures, if you will. Also pictures of the original Lotor toy and Lotor in a coloring book!

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