Lotor and Voltron Links

These first few links pertain to Lotor and Voltron directly, in some form or another.

First up, though, a couple banners you may want to use if you want to link to my site. You don't have to use them, but I had fun making them. ;)

Lotor, Prince of Doom

Lotor, Prince of Doom

Lotor...no way, man! Lotor/Voltron links in no particular order

Prince Lotor and Captain Keith - A wonderful tribute to these two fine characters. There's lots of fun to be had, including a Lotor dress up doll! Yes! This is KK60's site.

Sugerlite's Prince Lotor Shrine - A great Sammie-Ma page! She's a busy Lotor Harem member, too, as she has more than one page! Samara/Sugarlite is also a wonderful artist. You won't be even remotely disappointed at her art.

Sugerlite's Lotor Romance Stories Page has stories galore, but of course! Mmm, Lotor.

Zejan's Voltron Lair - At LAST! View more of Zejan the Wonder Monkey's astounding artwork. There's also some other neat things in there, too. Go see!

Voltron: Tales from the Denubian Drive-In contains a wonderful assortment of Tamysan's Lotor/Allura fanfiction and includes the other Voltron members.

The Chronicles of Planet Doom, another fine site of Tamysan's, has tons of fanfiction pertaining to...you guessed it....Planet Doom and all it's inhabitants, especially Lotor!

The Royal Harem of Prince Lotor is a fun page with lots of things about Lotor's Royal Harem - Tales, art and more!

Princess Romelle's Page contains fanart, images of Lotor, Allura and Romelle, plus more!

Voltron: New Alliances is an email Voltron RPG! Say it with me now, "RPGs are fun!"

World Events Productions are the folks who translated the Voltron series from Japanese for the American audiences. Their page should have the most current Voltron news...

The Official Voltron 3D Force page, this focuses entirely on the now-defunct Voltron 3D show.

Non-Voltron Links

The Anime Web Turnpike has links to anime and anime-related things. Anything you could possibly be looking for, can be found here. Nice set-up, too.

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