Lotor Sounds

Well, this is small, I know, but it's what I have. All these files were made lovingly by me, my computer, my VCR, TV and microphone. If you want to use 'em, that's fine, just let me know!

This first .wav was brought to us by the storymistress, Christa.

Lotor, speaking to Allura. "Allura...you've come." 74k

And now the rest, made by myself.

Lotor saying, "Do not resist me! Open your gates, and prepare to welcome...your conqueror." (211k)

Lotor, again, saying "We've got to end this ridiculous fight! It's not doing anything for my hero image!" (246k)

Allura, saying "I hope you saved something for me!" (81k)

Lotor, yet again exclaiming, "Princess Allura and her planet were within my grasp!" (128k)

Lotor's Laugh (88k)

Lotor looking a bit...stern.

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