Madoshi Clef
Kurefu (Kurefu)
Hi! Welcome to my new page devoted to Madoshi Clef!
Need a little background information on just who Clef is? Well let me tell you!
Clef is one of the most powerful magic-users on his world, Cefiro. If anyone knows any magic.. Madoshi Clef taught it to them. He's the teacher of magic. His power is very strong.. but some of his students have surpassed him... 
He had promised Princess Emeraude to help lead those from another world to become the Magic Knights. He looks like a child, but is 745 years old. He is the supreme Yil (i.e. Guru), but he seems to have a short temper.
He seems to enjoy silence and talking with Seijyus (Spirit Beasts) and tends to shy away from rowdiness.
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SD-Clef! :)
Isn't Clef just the cutest? A few of my friends and I have a running joke about Anime characters with purple hair.. something about them never having trouble finding someone to spend nights with.. ^_-
On a stranger note.. Have you ever really thought about why there aren't many pics of Chibi-Clef out there? That's because Clef is so cute he's always Chibi! ^_-
Here's another Clef pic! Look at this guy! He's absolutely the hottest guy out there! If he were real.. he'd be mine! From the TV series to the OAV, you can't deny this is the hottest guy out there! Just look at those wonderful eyes.. ^_^
If anyone out there can prove to me that there is another anime guy out there that is as cute or cuter then Clef.. I'll probably stick my tongue out at you. ^_-

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Jolt Cola!

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Wanna e-mail me? 
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Sore wa himitsu desu! >:)

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