February 15th, 1999

After a month of rest, Margie took many beautiful pictures of her son and family photos to share with everyone. Ho Yin is a well behaved baby, he was breast feed the day he was born but it is very tiring so Margie switched to baby formulas after 2 weeks of breast feeding. Ho Yin, he looks exactly like his father! Only his chin resembles a bit of me.' Although the baby looks more like her husband, Margie is not the least bit jealous. Though ultrasound, Margie knew she was carrying a baby boy before Ho Yin was born. I am not very concern whether my first child is a boy or girl because I plan on having another baby next year.' In having children, Margie feels no pressure at all, in fact she is loved and spoiled by her husband and family. My brother and I are very close in age, so we have always been close. When I was pregnant, he was very excited and concerned for me.' Actually, Margie grew up in a family of doctors, beside her brothers, her father is also doctor who practice Western medicine. Margie being pregnant was indeed big news for the Tsang family, they held meetings discussing the methods of giving birth and which would be the most comfortable way. My brother's girlfriend is a gynecologist, so she is very knowledgeable about what pregnant women goes through in labor. I have chosen to give natural birth because Im afraid of surgery. I went in for a minor surgery last year to have my appendix removed and the wound was very sharp after the anesthetic went away. Another reason is I want to be conscious when my baby is born, I do not want to miss the opportunity in seeing his birth. Ho Yin was very comfortable in his mother's womb, and thus arrived a few days later than his Dec. 29 th due date. I was told by many people that I should have my baby on the 1st of January because it would be very glorious to give birth to the year's first baby. It did not mattered to me when the baby was born as long as he is healthy.' However, the soon to be aunts and uncles were getting very impatient. On Dec. 31th, my brothers and sisters all came over to my place to have a fondue party. They said they want to make a lot of noise so the baby would come out because he is too comfortable in there.' That night, the baby was indeed awaken by all the noise and Margie was brought to the hospital at 3 in the morning. Margie gave birth in the most loving and comfortable surrounding. My brother's girlfriend went into the delivery room with me and my husband recorded the process on a camcorder. However, he only recorded my facial expressions and not the most important moment. I think it's better this way, at least it is easier on him. He later told me that he was actually very scared.' Once the baby was born Margie forgot about all the pain she went through. It's like I'm in a dream. Ho Yin has been born a month already and I still cannot accept the fact that I gave birth to a child. It's all very magical, how come I became pregnant with a baby.... he is produced by my husband and I.... he is my child.....' The birth of the baby has changed Margie's lifestyle. She know understands the greatest of parent hood. The baby became hungry very quickly when he was fed breast milk. Despite all the reporters in the hospital, I had to make many trips to the infant ward each day to feed him. It is a lie if I say its not bothersome. Although everyone was very nice to me at the hospital, I did not want to disturb other patients, that's why I opted to leave the hospital early.' Ho Yin's arrival not only brought happiness to the family, is also changed Margie's personality. Before I was a person who would not tolerate bothersome matters, now I am sensitive to Ho Yin's very moment.' Even Ho Yin's dad does not have the same kind of authority. Although I have always put in my best effort, I was never ambitious enough towards my career. Now that Ho Yin is here, I cannot leave him behind even more.' When Ho Yin sleeps, Margie also takes the opportunity to rest. My close friends have been wanting to visit me, but I am very honest by turning them down. I tell them they do not have to be polite since we have know each other for so long, let me get some more rest and there would be many opportunities to meet.' Therefore, this is the first time Ho Yin officially meets with everyone.

~ Original source scanned by Sai Wong ~

~ Translated by Jen ~

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February 1st, 1999

Last night was Margie's son L E one month old birthday. To celebrate, Margie and husband Stephen Lam held a birthday party for their little darling at the Golden Harbour Yacht Club. Attendants were mainly close family and friends including Anita Mui, James Wong, Yammie Lam, Chu Wai San, and Sandra Ng.

Thought Margie wanted it to be a quiet celebration, many reporters heard the scoop and showed up at the party. Unable to avoid the media, Margie fulfilled the reporters wishes and agreed to an interview during the dinner party.

Margie said that since leaving the hospital she has been taking care of the baby everyday, she doesn't even have time to do exercise to lose weight. She says that she really feels a strong sense of motherly love towards her son, even her husband could not believe that she can handle taking care of the baby all by herself. She would not even let the maids give her any help.

Reporter: So has your husband given you any help? Margie: Not in terms of actual physical help, but I am already very touched by his emotional support. Actually I have babysit for my sister before, so I'm quite good at caring for babies. Reporter: You've been working so hard lately, how much weight have you lost so far? Margie: I've been so busy, I don't even have time to weigh myself. Although taking care of the baby is alot of hard work, it is worth it everytime I see my baby smile at me. I just forget about any tireness I feel!

Anita brought two gifts last night, one was a baby blanket and the other was jewelery for the baby. She hopes Ho Yin will grow up to be kind and considerate to his parents.

~Translated by Jen~

Apple Daily News
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On Margie's son L E (Lam Ho Yin) month old birthday, Mr. and Mrs. Lam threw a birthday bash for their darling and invited friends and family to celebrate. Margie's good friends the "Dragon Girls" Anita Mui, Yammie Lam, and Sandra Ng all came to bring wishes to the baby boy who looks exactly like his father. All the girls fought to hold the baby. Holding the baby in her arms, Yammie says it feels like holding a little puppy. Because she had to take care of the baby, Margie has not been able to sleep well at night in the past month. She has not even started to diet and already she is losing weight. She says that caring for the baby is alot of work, she hopes that he will not be bad when he grows up. Margie's husband is greatful for his wife and promises to work harder to earn more money.

~Translated by Jen~

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