LPHS Marching Jazz Band

Created and Maintained by: David J. Hughes

Now that we're in the offseason, here is a recap of the LPHS Marching Band season: This year's show consited of:
Songs Preformed
  • Because
  • Come Together
  • Magical Mystery Tour
  • Long and Winding Road
  • Get Back
  • The End
  • This year's drum majors are:
  • Regina Dure
  • Jon Turner
  • Nancy Bartezcko
  • This year's Drum Captains are:
  • Clint Wiencken
  • Greg Alberding (Sideline Section Leader)
  • This year's guard captains are:
  • Julie Perla
  • Julia Knichrem
  • Teresa Ruminski
  • Nicole Berecz
  • Section Leaders
  • Flute: Katie Killian, Jenni Watterson
  • Clarinet: Kaili Stellma, Andy Ardnt
  • Alto Sax: Kari Harness
  • Tenor Sax: Andy Arndt
  • Bari Sax: Linden Lantz
  • Trumpet: Josh Warg, Sarah Watson
  • Horn: David Hughes
  • Trombone: Mark Fountain, Adam Boardman
  • Baritone: Craig Smith
  • Tuba: Dan Moore
    This is an incomplete list. I will have all award winners posted when that information becomes known to me
  • Outstanding Freshmen:???
  • Outstanding Sophomores: Nate Price, Brett Jagger, Leah Wayslenko, ????
  • Outstanding Juniors: David Zygmont, Britanny Thornton, ????
  • Outstanding Seniors: Dan Moore
  • Most Spirited Girl: Nancy Barteczko
  • Most Spirited Boy: Josh Warg
  • Outstanding Brass: David Hughes
  • Outstanding Woodwind: Jenni Watterson
  • Outstanding Percussion: Clint Wienken
  • Outstanding Guard: Julie Perla
  • Most Improved: Jenny Puett
  • Director's Award: Regina Dure, Sarah Watson
  • This is all the information I have as of October 27, 1997. There is another LaPorte Marching band page, but it's run by a drummer. To go to the "Official LPHS Marching Jazz Band Home Page," click here.