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Back in March, Lpage lost all records of the old guestbook, here are the guests that visited this page before Lpage went berserk.

Total: 12 guests
  • Name:Thomas Woodrow
  • Website:
  • Referred by: Just surfed on in!
  • From: Las Vegas, NV
  • Time: 03-29-1997
  • Comments: Just like reading about Horn players. I was at one time a Horn player (US Marine Band, Principal-Candaian Opera, various other Symphonies and ballet orchestras.) I don't play anymore as there is little work in Las Vegas anymore, but I sure hope you keep it up, find some (more than one, but not at the same time) good teachers and get out to see the world. It was my passport to seeing things I would have never seen on my own. Good Luck Tom Woodrow

  • Website:
  • Referred by: Just surfed on in!
  • Time: 03-25-1997
  • Comments: Dear Dave, We enjoyed your page, wished I knew how to make one. Hope your trips to Indy were fun, sorry about LaPorte team losing but we were pulling for them all the way. Happy Easter. Tom, Sherry, Annie, and the Flying Boo.

  • Name:Lily
  • Website:Howell & Fontaine Genealogy
  • Reffered by: Just surfed on in!
  • Time:03-12-1997
  • From:Montreal, Canada Comments:Monk
  • Website:Mayhem Brew
  • Referred By:From www.Lpage.com
  • From:oik
  • Time:03-04-1997
  • Comments:


  • Name:Helena Almaguer
  • Website:

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