Hi, I'm Matty Muddypaws, Michael and Roy's daughter and guardian of this site. Just follow the links below to find your way around.





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Yes I am !

Ok, I am a gay man. So what? I am also a white man, a European born man, a not so tall man, a man with hobbies, interests, convictions and values. I have family, friends, acquaintances and above all a partner, who also happens to be a man.

Well, it did not just happen this way, I guess, and it certainly was not always that simple to describe. But the fact remains I am first and foremost uniquely myself.

What you will find here are links to places of gay interests. Political, Cultural, Sports and more. 

Get involved ! Human Rights Campaign Fund One of my political associations of choice, this nationwide organization fights for our political rights. Join 'em !

PlanetOut one of the most advanced commercial gay site of the Web

Gay.com Probably the biggest queer commercial website now

The Advocate The nations gay magazine? Well maybe.

PFLAG Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

American AIDS Rides I'm still proud to be rider number 64 on the very first California AIDS ride. By now thousands of likeminded cyclists have raised millions of dollars for various AIDS Service organizations around the country, but not all regional events have been as successful as the California rides.

Dignity USA Yep, I'm gay and catholic. Interesting site of how to incorporate ones personal and spiritual life.

Gay Games 98 Amsterdam Yes, I wanna go ! Update: I'm going ! Update: I went ! Update, I'm training for Gay Games VI in Sydney.

Austrian Gay Site I'm not really up to speed with what's happening back home in regards to gay issues, but things seem to getting more liberal slowly.

EuroPride Festival 2001 in Vienna. Plan to be there !