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Michael's Lomo Gallery


Vienna, Austria

These are just a few of my collection of lomo's. Practically all of these were taken within the last year. This Gallery will grow over time, so check back periodically. . . 

  Hermosa Beach, California


Redondo Beach, California

Why Lomo? 

About a year ago I ventured on another business trip to Vienna when some of my colleagues introduced me to this "new wave" in photography. Since I had never heard of lomography before, I asked to set-up an appointment  at the hallowed halls of the Lomographic Society. There World Lomo President Wolfgang Stranzinger himself explained to me the story of the cute little Russian Camera, the lomo philosophy and the ambitious plans of the world lomo takeover . . .

Schwuppdiwupp, two hours later I was a proud member of the lomo cult irritating friends and strangers alike with the constant passion of taking snapshot...click,click,click,

Wanna learn more ? Go here http://www.lomo.com



Vienna, Austria


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