Hi, I'm Matty Muddypaws, Michael and Roy's daughter and guardian of this site. Just follow the links below to find your way around.





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You really want to know? Seems like there are some very curious people out there. Well, I guess in this case, you do deserve some information about myself.

Here goes: I was born  on a late October day in 1963 in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. There I was lucky enough to enjoy a nice  childhood. After a rigourous education at a Catholic Highschool, (no evil nun stories here) and a few years of training in Tourism Mangament I moved to Germany at age 21 for two short years.

Since the summer of 1986 I call sunny Southern California my home where I have selected a beautiful spot just south of Los Angeles and close to the beach called the South Bay.

My life basically revolves around a few important people and interests (I guess everyone's does).

Most important is my partner Roy with whom I share. . . ,well we share all the things we are supposed to and maybe more.

By trade I am a Marketing and Promotions Professional in the Tourism industry, something which I have done practically since I left school (for the first time at least). It is also something I truly enjoy.

Roy and I met just over five years ago during California AIDS Ride 1 where we had the pleasure to get to know each other over the course of a week riding our bike's from San Francisco to Los Angeles. (above with Los Angeles major Richard Riordan who has graciously supported the AIDS Rides since the beginning) 


  SWIM !

Shortly after me first meeting Roy he told me about his regular swim workout routines. Swimming was one of the very few sports I had not considered yet to at least give a try . Shortly after California AIDS ride I started to watch Roy swimming lap after lap at the West Hollywood pool and I began to appreciate his seriousness about swimming. 

Weeks thereafter I began my first shy and timid attempts to string together a few strokes of freestyle, then the first complete lap, the first hundred yards, the first four laps in a row . . .

Roy, I take it,  was more amused then convinced about my dabbling in the pool, but encouraged me to go forward. A few months later, minutes before a class at Santa Monica College I stumbled onto a Masters swim workout. After a brief talk with the coach I was a new member of SCAQ, the Southern California Masters Swim Team. Still timid and now a bit scared I began a routine of coached swim workouts that has not stopped since. 

While I am not a fast swimmer by a long-shot, I have improved over time and even found the balls to compete in a few swim meets, include Gay Games V in Amsterdam. Swimming has become an important part of my life in a way I would have never imagined. I since learned that it is not just a sport but a lifestyle that enabled me to meet many wonderful  people.

(photo: on the starting block in Amsterdam, Gay Games V)

When I'm not working I am trying to stay in shape by following a somewhat rigorous swim workout routine as well as some cycling and rollerblading along the beach.

Other interests of mine include politics, music and literature.

A couple of years ago I also started taking some courses at Santa Monica College in order to train my brain cells a little. Unfortunately none of my European schooling counts towards a University degree here in the U.S., so I have decided to continue my studies at Chapman University working towards a degree in Organizational Leadership.

Guess that's more than you really wanted to know. . .