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Ever since I was a child I was interested in sports, both actively and as a spectator. But my earlier enthusiasm never reached the almost feverish obsession with an active lifestyle until a few years ago. Call it the beginnings of a midlife phenomenon (I would hardly call it a crisis), but almost daily training or workouts have become a way of life for me.

For the most part three swimming has captured my attention. Only three years ago I regarded a lane line as a silly obstacle to loafing around in a nice pool, but within a few weeks swimming has caused me to enjoy working out hard for the first time since I was in high school. And it is responsible for the biggest lifestyle change in almost twenty years, I stopped smoking.
Today I am a proud, albeit still rather slow, US Masters swimmer with SCAQ in West Los Angeles. And just recently I did compete at Gay Games 98 in Amsterdam. Anyone interested to learn more about swimming and
the Masters program click here .


For years I have dealt with bouts of interest in cycling. It all started over 15 years ago when my first vacation after high-school took us on a cycling trip around the island of Corsica and southern France on some crummy touring bike I had just purchased. About ten years ago after moving to California I purchased a decent road bike and every now and then I have taken it out for a series of interesting rides. In many ways my most important and most fun bike ride was California AIDS Ride I from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 1994. 
I for myself, have now bought another new bike and have started to pick it up again.


I wouldn't be a typical European if soccer would not play an important role in my life. But, i guess, my active career of chasing the elusive little ball across a huge grass field are pretty much over. After years of trying to keep up with much better players, I have come to realize that soccer is best enjoyed as a spectator. Be it following the Austrian and other European soccer leagues or U.S. Major League Soccer


"Schifoan is the leiwandste, des ma sie nur vurstelln kann" (o.k. figure this one out)