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Sut mae? That's Welsh for, "Hello, How are you?"

Daae is someone who has recently made use of that timeworn cliche, "When all else fails, leave the country." In September of 1995, Daae moved to Wales for three months. During that time, she attended Coleg Prifysgol Dewi Sant (Saint David's University College) in Lampeter. She also traveled around the United Kingdom, and more or less fell in love with the country. (Not to mention several of its inhabitants...)

Now, Daae is back in America. She is a recent graduate of Georgian Court College in Lakewood, New Jersey. She has a degree in English Literature, and hoping to someday complete her Master's Degree in Collections Management of Museum Studies, with a concentration in the Middle Ages. While she admits that it is a far cry from her beloved Wales, Daae was very happy during her time at Georgian Court. G.C.C is a small women's college that almost no one has heard of. Daae thinks that's a shame, as Georgian Court was a very nice place to be! Be sure to visit G.C.C.'s home page...

Now that Daae has graduated, she will be returning, at long last, to her beloved Wales. She will be in the United Kingdom from the end of May until the middle of July. She is hoping to have many adventures, not unlike the last time.

Daae feeding some sheep in front of Dolbardarn Castle, Llanberis, North Wales.

Believe it or not, Daae actually has other interests besides Wales. Daae loves to sing. She could sing before she could walk, and was a member of her former church's choir for eight years. Daae was a member of a friend's choir for a year. She had a tremendous amount of fun, but, since she loves making life difficult, she would never actually admit this to him. Now, Daae is without a permanent choir. However, she is the guest soloist at several churches in her area. Daae loves classical music, opera and ballet. Being an English major, she also loves literature. She admits to not being very athletic, although she can horseback ride and ice skate.

While she is thinking of other things to write, Daae would like to take the time to say "HELLO!!!" to some very important people. First and foremost, thanks to her many British friends for dealing with Sunday-afternoon homesickness and various unforseen cultural gaps. Special hellos to Jason, Martin, Ceri, Em, Rachel,Phil, and both Jackies'!! In America, Daae would like to acknowledge her roommate, Pamela, and thank her for coping on countless Sunday nights. Also, hi to Shea, her sister, Grace, and the rest of the elusive Night Spirits. To try to understand a little more about the Night Spirits, you might want to check out The Cosmopedia.

Lately, Daae has been becoming more and more familiar with HTML. Please visit her other homepages!!

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Now, Daae is going to talk about some of her very favourite things....

Daae's favourite musical compositions: "Trumpet Tune" for the organ, by David German, and "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth" from Handel's "Messiah."

Her favourite books: "Heloise and Abelard," Madeline L'Engle's novels,"The Small Rain," and "A Severed Wasp," the Betsy-Tacy series...and many others, too numerous to mention.

Her favourite poems: "Peter Quince at the Clavier" Wallace Stevens, "The Dreme" Ben Jonson, Shakespeare's Sonnet 128, and "Eloisa and Abelard," by Alexander Pope.

Her favourite t.v. show: "Caroline in The City-- not just another sitcom, but a way of life. Fanfic

Her favourite movies, "Little Women," "Sense and Sensibility," "Emma," and, of course, "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill, But Came Down a Mountain"

Her favourite Broadway musicals: "The Phantom of the Opera," and "The King and I."

Her favourite foods: Aunt Marge's cheesecake, her Mom's lasagnae, and almost anything strawberry.

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