Everything You Ever Wanted To Know...

(... but were afraid to ask!)

I'm speechless. Last November I had to give a speech about myself at the Maumee Rotary Club. They wanted to hear me brag about my high school career and talk about my future. It was probably the hardest speech anyone could be asked to make. Have you ever got one of those "Ultimate Survey" forwards? That seems to be a good place to start. Follow the link!

Subject: Me!

I guess the facts have been covered. So what next? I guess I will make subtitles and write a little about myself. Maybe add some pictures later.

Recent Past

This past summer has been the most incredible ever! It was the perfect summer before leaving for college. Between seeing Dave Matthews Band, Phish, and REM, fleeing from angry motorcyclists, and hanging out at my second home, I have had so much fun! My brother got married on July 3rd, that was really cool, and my life has been generally crazy fun.

Right Now

Tonight was my last night of work. I leave for college next Thursday and I'll move into my dorm on Friday, September 3rd. I will be attending Macalester College, a small liberal arts school in St. Paul Minnesota. I have been busy buying stuff for my dorm room and seeing all my friends for one last time before they leave. I can't believe this is all actually happening to me, it's incredible that in a week I will be moved out of my home!

The Future

What a hard thing to answer! I don't want to talk about it right now...

Some Links!

Daniel Tomko My oldest brother

Mark Tomko My middle brother

Sara Voskuhl My beloved poRtly sisteR, or sisteR-in-law-to-be

Macalester College My soon to be home!!
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