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In real life, I am Jonathan Fosburgh, a geophysics student at the University of Houston.

I am going to guess many of you probably don't know what geophysics is. Well, to put it simply, geophysics is the study of how the earth works using principles of physics.
Geophysics is a very broad science, combining many disciplines. If you drive a car, or do anything which require petroleum products, you have experienced the work of a geophysicist.
Currently, most people in my field of study work in the oil industry, trying to locate new reserves, or figuring out how to get more from old ones. I have lately been working in this field for some independent companies that perform various services, ranging from managing (planning through interpretation) of 3D seismic surveys, to a company that performs marine geohazards assesments for oil companies who wish to explore and produce in the Gulf of Mexico of the coats of Texas and Louisiana. As computer technology increases rapidly, it is now possible to perform these surveys 3D seismic reflection surveys, now the primary technique used to locate hydrocarbons. Even modern, high speed, high memory machines still are slowed down when processing the data needed just to shoot the survey, let alone process the seismic data itself! For more oil industry information, check out Oil Online, a webpage dedicated to the industry.

Also look at Noesis for industry forecasts, Oil Link. another industry page, and finally, yes another industry page.
But geophysicists do many other things, and the one which is of perhaps greatest interest to me (and which I may try to do work in at some later time) is earthquake seismology.
Here are just a few of the many sites on the net which provide information on this very interesting topic:

Switching gears now somewhat, it is high time that I placed some links to my friends on here. So, without further ado, to start off this list is my wonderful WIFE!, Heather. See? I did it. :)

You can also look at My computer which may or may not be available. There is not much here at this time.


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