High School Years

I used to go to Champlin Park High School in Champlin, a city in the northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities. It utilizes a four-period day instead of the normal six- or seven-period day. My classes are each 85 minutes long with 10 minutes of passing time between classes. Once per week, normally on Wednesdays, we have an Advisement schedule where we have our normal four classes which last only 70 minutes with an Advisement class in between the 1st and 2nd periods. The Advisement class is basically a homeroom class where kids of the same grade are placed.

My high School was built in 1992 to become our school district's (Independent School District #11) fourth high school. The other three are Anoka High School, Blaine High School, and Coon Rapids High School. To see the rest of the information on Champlin Park, go there on the internet.

Now for some more about me and what I do in school. Some subjects I studied in were science (aviation and physics related), math, music (duh), and German. I'm only past German II so please don't mail me in German unless it's backed by English (which I'd actually prefer, possibly). In math I've completed all courses through Calculus. In science I have completed Enriched Physical Science 9, Fundamentals of Scientific Research, Science Research I, Aviations I and II, and College Physics, and Outdoor Adventures. The one greatest thing about having 85 minute periods is that I get to have orchestra 85 minutes each day for the whole year. Take a look at my old schedule from my senior year below to see what my class load was like:

I did other extra-curricular things in school and after school. In academic fields I was in the Science Club. Our Science Club isn't the greatest, but in 1996 at Regional Science Olympiad our club got a good position to go onto the State Olympiad. I was the Delegate for the Science Club for two years. The Delegate's job is, in my view, the hardest of the positions. I must go to any science events in which students from our high school go to. These range from District, Regional, State, and yes, International Science Fair (which I declined to go to), to Science Symposiums and Olympiads. A friend of mine, Trevor Rogge, and I took second place in the rocks and minerals event at regional olympiad in 1996.

As for sports I was involved in, my big one was swimming. Not only did I swim on the guys team, I managed the girls team as well. My swimming for our guys team is good overall of the team. I was the fastest 500- and 200-yard freestyler and a strong freestyle swimmer overall (going to sections three of four years). That may sound great, but it's not all that really. Our team was very small, about 16 swimmers. About half were new and were getting into the sport. For those truly interested, my fastest times for the 200 and 500 (from summer) are 2:01.33 and 5:19.48 respectively, so I'm a pretty average swimmer. Managing a high school girls swim team may sound like the thing to do for guys in high school, but it's hard work, very hard work. My job was to try to anticipate what the coaches wanted and get it done before they wanted it. Quite difficult since each year of the three I worked there were different coaches and I couldn't get used to them fast enough. The jobs I did were to do any of the copying, make up forms and papers and calendars etc., police the girls when on extended or extra activities (yeah, right), take splits and times at away meets while arranging back-up timers and setting up all the equipment during home meets, video diving so the divers can see what they did, and any other odd jobs the coaches wanted me to do. I am glad I don't have that job anymore, but I still miss the girls on the team.

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