Calendar of Events

August 23, 1997: End of Summer Luncheon at Rama's Courtyard Cafe

September 8, 1997: Formal Meeting hosted by Faith Gray at Rogers Elementary in Frisco. Co-hostess: Teri Pipitone. Performer: Aileen Todd

October 13, 1997: Informal Meeting hosted by Marta Menn. Co-hostess: Faith Gray.

October 19, 1997: (tentative) The Benefit Musicale hosted by Dr. Isabel Scionti

November 10, 1997: Formal Meeting hosted by Jean Mainous. Co-hostess: Catherine Gilstrap. Performers: The Ariel Recorder Consort.

January 18 or 31, 1998: (tentative) Husband/Guest Dinner. Hostesses and performers still needed.

February 9, 1998: Informal Meeting hosted by Pat Miller. Co-hostess: Colleen Meesey.

February 28, 1998: (tentative) Province Day hosted by the East Texas Alumnae Chapter in Marshall, Texas

March 9, 1998: Informal Meeting. Hostess and Co-Hostess still needed.

March 29, 1998: American Musicale hosted by Joyce Sinclair. Co-hostesses: Teri Pipitone (one more also needed)

April 27, 1998: Senior Farewell hosted by Ann Barnett

May 4, 1998: Formal Meeting hosted by Aileen Todd. Co-hostess Faith Gray. Performer still needed.

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