Denton Alumnae Membership

Chapter Officers

President: Catherine Gilstrap
First Vice-President: Faith Gray
Second Vice-President: Louise Alton
Vice-President for Ritual: Marta Menn
Secretary: Teri Pipitone
Treasurer: Pat Morey
Editor: Valerie Hubbard


Program: Faith Gray

Yearbook: Valerie Hubbard, Catherine Gilstrap

Honors: Marta Menn, Valerie Hubbard, Faith Gray

Scholarship: Nancy Merrell-Robertson, Jean Mainous

Benefit Musicale: Louise Alton, Jennifer Young, Teri Pipitone, Aileen Todd

Nominations: TBA

Patroness Liaison: Marjorie Vaughan

Fraternity Education: Catherine Gilstrap, Valerie Hubbard

Public Musicales: Louise Alton

Composition Competition: Louise Alton

Scrapbook: Louise Alton, Judy Fisher, Pat Miller

Internet: Colleen Meesey, Valerie Hubbard, Catherine Gilstrap

Chapter Membership

Louise Miller Alton
Ann Gribble Barnett
Patrice Shoemaker Benfield
Elizabeth Pollard Bowen
Mary Karen Clardy
Anna Montgomery Farish
Judy Hummel Fisher
Virginia Shake Gallian
Catherine E. Gilstrap
Faith RioRita Gray
Marilyn Hindsley Haynie
Valerie F. Hubbard
Kathy Theil Joyner
Joan Seyler Latham
Mary Nan Hudgins Mailman
Jean Harris Mainous
Colleen Crews Meesey
Marta Rubottom Menn
Nancy Merrell-Robertson
Patricia Swiercinsky Miller
Carol Lynn McGowen Mizell
Patricia Merrill Morey
Juanita Teal Peters
Teri Hilton Pipitone
Velma Smith Selby
Aileen Rich Todd
Marjorie Lee Vaughan
Jennifer Hudson Young

Honorary Member

Dr. Isabel Scionti

Inactive Members

Evelyn Barthold
Patricia Ann Diers
Delia Hood-Benton
Margaret Kelly Kyle

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