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San Francisco Health authorities are seeing twenty to thirty cancer and aids patients a week who are having mystical (transcendental) experiences...though the medical profession calls them psychological diseases, more specifically, aidsmania or cancermania. Like diseases produce spontaneous healings AND MIRACLES, as happened in my case! You know, THAT'S the
this millenium, not the president's! Grin! This is ONE 'dis-ease' everyone should get! You'll appreciate the magic of YOUR life, much more, if you actually SEE it. But to do that, you must FIRST and foremost, LOOK!

Seek and ye shall find, indeed!


"Magic Moments,
when two hearts are caring,
Magic moments,
memories we can cherish,
Time can't erase,
the memory of,
these Magic Moments,
filled with LOVE."

-From the song, Magic Moments.

What used to be here is being make it more accessible, and if you don't know what that means, ask a composer.
But not to disappoint you, here is the description of the mystical experience I had in 1995, after the New Orleans Jazz Fest that was POINTEDLY mentioned in Ellen's coming-out episode, 1997. Something like, "LOTS of people had interesting experiences at that festival."
WHO else had the experience like the one I described,
and WHY in the movie MOTHER, did Debbie Reynolds say the line,
" he keeps mentioning something about an experiment."?


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